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Pre-PhD Program


If you already have a Bachelor or a Master degree, but you would like to continue your studies, choose Avicenna’s Pre-PhD Program! This program is excellent for you either if you would like to obtain a Master diploma, or if you are preparing for your doctorate studies.



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Our Pre-PhD Program is available in the standard, 2-semester-long term. It is from September until June, however, students can apply during the whole academic year as they are not bound by application deadlines. Those applicants who wish to apply for master studies can also take part in this program.


Our program is offered in English, and since along with the subjects related to the students’ future studies it includes an English language education, our applicants are not expected to have a very high level of English.

Everybody is required to take the Avicenna Placement Test (APT) from both English and the core subjects of their studies. This way we ensure that all of our students receive a proper education according to their level of knowledge.


This program is designed for those who already have a Bachelor or a Master degree and wish to continue their studies at a university of their choice. Both Master and Doctorate education require a sound academic knowledge which the applicant is supposed to have acquired during his/her previous studies. However, refresher programs such as ours are extremely useful to up-date the knowledge of the student and bring the actual scientific capacity of the student to the level of the requirements by the admitting universites. To this end, Avicenna remains in close contact with the university departments which provide Master or PhD studies. Even more, we wngage the universities with respect to every signe students of ours and seek the opinion of the universities as to what needs to be offfered to the students.

In this program, you will recieve a good review of soem sciences, sound English language education, assistance in preparing peer-reviewed paper mainly based on your previous research work and prepare your professionaland personal profile. This will all increase your chances of being admitted to a European university. Furthermore, while you are in Budapest, it is much easier for you to communicate withe universites in Europe and easily travel to any othher country to visit the university or take part in a possible exam or interview.


Master and Doctorate studies

  • Research methodology
  • Scientific paper writing
  • General and professional interview skills
  • Research proposal
  • Science refresher class
  • Professional/Personal Profile preparation

Language studies

  • General English


To see a detailed description of this program, please download the file below.


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