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If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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What students say

When I arrived in Budapest in 2000, I knew nothing about the European culture. Avicenna helped me to integrate into this new society – I’ve been living in Europe for about ten years, and I don’t feel like a foreigner.

Mohammad, 2000-2001

I will never forget the time I spent at this school, even though it has been quite a while since I was a student there. Thank you Avicenna, and thank you Dr. Mirza, for giving me the opportunity to study and live in Europe.

Ali, 2002-2003

I was petrified to come to a completely foreign country but Avicenna helped me in all of my problems – and they still do! They supported me when I was their student and still continue to do so during my university studies. This school was an excellent choice; I don’t think I’d have been given the same amount of aid anywhere else.

Samira, 2006-2007

Avicenna was awesome – the other students and the teachers were great and there was always some kind of program after school so we weren’t bored for a single minute. I studied hard but had fun at the same time.

Arash, 2004-2005

Avicenna is a great place to study. I always knew what I had to do to achieve my goals because the teachers constantly updated me on my progress, and helped me if I needed additional tuition. It was so worth the time and energy!

Nina, 2009-2010


What parents say

I was very worried about my daughters but I knew that they were safe at Avicenna. After I had met Dr. Sharokh MirzaHosseini, the president of the school, I had no doubt that my daughters place is at Avicenna.

Melisa, 2001-2002

I sent my son to Budapest because he wanted to become a doctor. After he returned home for the first time, I saw a man in front of me. Avicenna helped him grow up, helped him to get into a university, taught him how to speak English fluently, and made sure he had no problems integrating into the European culture. Thank you in the name of our whole family.

Hessam, 2004-2005

My son was a rebellious teenager but Avicenna made him turn into a serious, purposeful young man. I don’t know how they managed to do it, but they encouraged my son to study hard and helped him to get into Semmelweis University, from which he has graduated with honours since then.

Omar, 2009-2010

I was afraid to let my daughter travel to a foreign country, but Avicenna took my worries away. Budapest is not a dangerous city, and the school paid close attention to keep her out of harm’s way. Avicenna is an ideal place to study and familiarize with the European culture.

Leila, 2003-2004

Three of my children attended Avicenna and I plan to send the youngest one there too. The programs of this school are excellent and they make sure that every single student gets into the university. Education is important for our family, so Avicenna was the best choice for our children.

Hossein, 1999-2000


What our colleagues say

The family-like environment in the school makes my work a lot easier. My students are enthusiastic and they know they can always count on me. It is a joy to see so many happy youngsters busily preparing for their university studies every year.

At Avicenna I don’t only teach, I learn as well. My students come from several different countries and there is always something new to learn about their culture. Thanks to them it feels like I have travelled half the world.

As a teacher it is a pleasure to know that my students respect and appreciate me. It warms my heart that these young women and men consider me their friend, and even after completing their studies here, the get in touch with me and keep me updated about their life.

I love working at a school where the students are the most important. This way I don’t have to feel bad when someone falls behind or fails an exam, because whenever a student has a problem with the material, I can sit down with him/her and help him/her understand the topic. I became a teacher because I want to teach, and at Avicenna I can do that.


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