To apply to AIC international high school programs, you should fill out the application, scan and attach the required documents and submit the Application Form online. You can apply all around the year. Apply now.

The authentic English translation of the required documents should be mailed to “AIC Admission Department” on time. You can alternatively contact any of the AIC representative offices or AIC consultants in your country and ask for assistance.

Your submitted application and the required documents will be reviewed by the Admission Department. If your documents are complete and comply with the current rules and regulations, you will receive a response in the form of “Admission Letter” via email.

You will be instructed to complete your documents, pay the tuition fee, apply for a Schengen visa (if applicable) and participate in Avicenna Placement Test (APT). All other necessary information will be provided to you in the Admission Letter and in the communications following that.

You will be provided an Avicenna Email and all communications will be carried out via this email and the Avicenna Communication System.

To be considered for studies at any of AIC international high school programs, you should provide the authentic English translation of your high school transcripts as well as other documents. Scan and upload items 1-6 in order to qualify for the “Admission Letter”. Later you should prepare all other documents and send them by courier to the mailing address of “Admission Department” of AIC.
Completed and signed AIC application form. (After online submission, you should print this form and sign it and send the paper copy with the rest of the documents to Admission Department).

Two original copies of a notarized English translation of high school transcripts. (Scan and upload only one copy, but send two authentic paper copies).
Curriculum Vitae in English.
Motivation letter.
A copy of your passport (pages with personal data).
A letter of recommendation.
Official statement of financial support signed by the parent.
Proof of payment or transfer of all due fees.
Six passport size photos.
Signed Receipt of Comprehensive guide book.
“Letter of Admission” signed by applicant and parent. Please print it and sign it.
“Student Contract” signed by the applicant and parent.
If your documents are complete and you qualify for studies at AIC International High School Program, then you will receive the “Admission Letter” which specifies which program you have been admitted and explains all the necessary steps you need to take. To see a sample “Admission Letter”, click here.