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Avicenna Admission Department helps you in two steps.

1. Pre-college Admission

2. Post-college Admission

Pre-college Admission

During Pre-college admission process, our team will help you to …

  • Get appropriate information about the courses at AIC and the methods of successful studies (similar to our several thousand students in the past),
  • Fill the application form and other forms as required,
  • Go through the steps of Avicenna Scholarship Plan if applicable,
  • Go through the process of Schengen visa and residence permit for non-EU students,
  • Assist with the transfer of tuition fee and other relevant fees,
  • Assist with the purchase of insurance,
  • Assist with travel arrangements to Budapest.

Post-college Admission

During Post-college admission process, our team will help you to …

  • Get appropriate information about the fields of study and career counseling,
  • Get information about universities in Europe, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries as requested by the student or recommended by AIC,
  • Assist in completing university application forms and other relevant forms,
  • Assist and prepare for the written university entrance examinations and interviews when applicable,
  • Assist with application, registration and taking international exams such as FEDE, A Level, IMAT, BMAT, MCAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Consult about new visa and resident permit, according to the country where the student has been admitted to university,
  • Consult about university settlement and successful studies.

Tuition Fees for Academic Year 2023-2024

You will be welcomed into a thriving student-led learning environment.

Students will pay a tuition fee per year. The whole tuition fee is due to be paid in advance each year at the time of application and after the receipt of the Admission Letter. Tuition Fees should be transferred to the bank account of AIC. Students who may need financial support can apply for Avicenna Scholarship programme.

Avicenna Scholarship programme

Qualified students can apply for the “Avicenna Scholarship programme” (ASP). These scholarships are granted based on past academic, social, and sports history. The financial need of the applicants are also considered. To receive consideration, the “Scholarship Application Form” must be filled out and submitted at the same time with the “Application for Admission” at Avicenna International College, here.

Students can apply for one or more items of financial support in the framework of the Avicenna Scholarship programme. The type and amount of support will be decided by the scholarship committee and will be officially announced to the student.

Application Fee: non-refundable application fee of 50 Euro for all programmes

International High School programmes

  • Pre – High School Year (Including Pre-A level): 8400 Euro
  • Grade 9 (Including A-Level): 8400 Euro
  • Grade 10 (Including A-Level): 8400 Euro
  • Grade 11 (Including A-Level): 8400 Euro
  • Grade 12 (Including A-Level): 9400 Euro

International Diploma Programmes

  • Avicenna Diploma in Pre-Medical Studies (ADPS): 7900 Euro
  • Diploma in Pre-Pharmacy Studies (DPPS): 7900 Euro
  • Diploma in English Language Studies (DELS): 5900 Euro
  • ​Diploma in Business and Marketing (DBM): 5900 Euro
  • Diploma in German Language Studies (DGLS): 6400 Euro
  • Diploma in IT and Technology (DITT): 6900 Euro
  • Diploma in Graduate Studies Pre-Master (DGSM): 6400 Euro
  • Diploma in Graduate Studies Pre-PhD (DGSP): 6400 Euro
  • Diploma in Graduate Medical Training Pre-PhD / Pre-Residency (DGMT): 7900 Euro
  • Avicenna Metropolitan University Pathway(AMUP): 4900 Euro

NCUK Programmes

  • International Foundation Year (IFY) – Engineering Stream: 7900 Euro
  • International Foundation Year (IFY) – Medicine and Science Stream: 7900 Euro
  • International Foundation Year (IFY) – Business Stream: 7900 Euro

FEDE Programmes

  • FEDE European Master’s – Intelligent Applications and Big Data: 5900Euro (per academic year)
  • FEDE – European Master’s Degree: IT Expert (Cybersecurity and High Availability): 5900Euro (per academic year)
  • FEDE – European Bachelor’s Degree: IT, Networks and Security: 4900Euro (per academic year)
  • FEDE – European Bachelor’s Degree: Web Developer: 4900Euro (per academic year)
  • FEDE – European Bachelor’s Degree: Digital Marketing: 4900Euro (per academic year)
  • FEDE European Master’s In Tourism and Hotel Management: 5900Euro (per academic year)
  • FEDE European Bachelor in Tourism and Hotel Management:4900 Euro (per academic year)
  • Insurance is mandatory for all applicants for one year: 200 Euro

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