Apply via AIC to European Medical Universities

Students can apply to any program on offer at AIC.

Graduates of Avicenna International College (internal students) and graduates of other schools and colleges (external students) can use the services of Admission Department (Post-college Admission) to apply to European medical universities and participate in the university entrance examinations. Successful students will get admitted to the university and field of their choice. AIC helps all students in the process of application, registration, examination, and admission to medical universities.

The Post-college Admission services and university admission assistance is free of charge for all students/applicant. You should pay all other fees directly to the universities of your choice. Other fees related to your documents (such as translation and attestation) should be covered by students.

How to Apply to European Medical Universities via AIC

To apply for European medical universities you will be taken through the following steps:

1- To select and register your desired universities and fields of study, fill out the “Medical University Admission Form” and submit it online. To get the form click here.

You can use this form and submit your selections. If you change your mind and you want to change your choices, it is very easy, you open the link again and change your selections and resubmit it. All these actions are free-of-charge. You can submit your options and do all changes until February 15th, 2020. After this date, any submission of the form and its changes will be possible by submitting a request and payment of 20 Euro (6000 HUF) as a management fee for each resubmission. The resubmission fee must be paid by debit card only to the AIC account number.

2- You will receive an email confirming your selection list.

3- You will receive an email from the Admission Department with instructions about the documents you should prepare and the next steps you need to take to complete your application to the universities of your choice.

4- You will be given a time-frame for each university consultation and application session. During this period your application will be finalized, your documents will be reviewed and collected and you will transfer the required university application fees directly to the university account. To come and meet the Admission Department officers within the time-frame given, you should use the Avicenna Appointment System to make an appointment to save your time and avoid waiting in line.

NOTE: Those external students who are not in Budapest will attend online sessions for consultation.

5- Special short exam prep courses will be held online and at AIC (in-class) for each university. Registration fees may apply for such courses.

Requirement Documents

To apply for European medical universities you will be taken through the following steps:

In general, European medical universities require the following documents at the time of application or after admission at the time of registration at the university. All these documents should be translated to English and in some cases to other languages (such as Slovak, Czech, Spanish, Italian, …) depending on the university of your choice. You will get a complete list of required documents and relevant instructions after we have received the selected list of yours.

1/. High School Certificate and Transcript
2/. Pre University Certificate and Transcript
3/. Copy of Passport
4/. Medical Certificate
5/. Curriculum Vitae
6/. Motivation Letter
7/. English Proficiency Certificate
8/. Recent Photo
9/. Birth Certificate
10/. Payment Proof of the application (for payment via bank transfer)

Apply Now

This is your request to the Admission Department of Avicenna International College to get help in application and admission to universities for studies during the 2020-2021 academic year. Please remember that the decision is yours and we do not recommend any university over others. After the final submission of this form, it is NOT possible to modify your choices. This process is free-of-charge but any later modifications will bear charges payable to the Admission Department. Please consult your parents before finalizing your decision.

Ask for further information

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question with respect to the admission process, visa, residence, and related services.