Apply to AIC Medical Programs

Students can apply to any program on offer at AIC.

Avicenna International College is famous for its quality programs designed for the medical professional. At AIC, we continuously study the needs of internationally trained health care and medical professionals. We study meticulously and design new programs to address the requirements for the development of these groups of professionals.

We design and run training programs for medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, residents and researchers in basic medical sciences.

Some of the training programs are offered in the form of workshops, seminars, and conferences. Other more elaborate programs are designed to cover 2 or more semesters of study.

Most of our training programs are presented in cooperation with other European universities, hospitals, and research institutions. These programs help the health professionals to find a better job in Europe or gain an up-to-date knowledge in the field of their activity.

Avicenna International Pre-Med Degree

Avicenna Diploma in Pre-Medical Studies (ADPS)

European Nursing Foundation Program

How to Apply to AIC Medical Programs

All Applicants must have a v​alid Gmail email address in order to apply online. All communication from the college in regards to your application will be sent via email. Should you not have a valid email address you can create an email account using Gmail.

In order for your application to be considered COMPLETE. You must successfully complete the online application form as well as submit all required documentation.

In case of any problem with the online application you can contact admission department to send you the application form. You need to fill the form, sign it and have it signed by your parents. Then you should scan the signed Application Form and email it to admission[at]avicenna[dot]hu.

You should scan and send the following documents to the Admission Department together with the Application Form.

  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your highest academic degree
  • A copy of your previous studies (last 2 years)

Admission Letter

After having received all of the above documents, the Avicenna Admission Department will issue the “Admission Letter” which will be sent to your email. This letter is conditional and includes all the important information you need to finalize your admission process. Please read the Admission Letter carefully and take the next steps accordingly.

Prepare the application and registration documents

You should prepare the following documents which are authentic and translated to English by an authorized translation office in your country.
The following documents should be prepared:

  1. Completed and signed AIC application form. (After online submission, you should keep the printed form and deliver it with the rest of the documents to Admission Department).
  2. Two original copies of a notarized English translation of your highest transcripts. (Scan and upload only one copy, but send two authentic paper copies).
  3. Curriculum Vitae in English.
  4. Motivation letter.
  5. A copy of your passport (pages with personal data).
  6. A letter of recommendation.
  7. Official statement of financial support signed by the parent.
  8. Proof of payment or transfer of all due fees.
  9. Six passport size photos.
  10. A copy of the “Letter of Admission” signed by applicant and parent. Please print it and sign it.
  11. “Student Contract” signed by the applicant and parent.

You can mail the above documents to college or provide it to our local Consultant.
Avicenna International College
Admission Department
Orczy ut 3-5, 1089,
Budapest – Hungary.

Transfer the Parental Tuition Contribution Fee and insurance fee to AIC

You should pay the fees according to the specifications stated in the Admission Letter. Some applicants may have a scholarship or grant. Therefore, the amount of Parental Tuition Contribution Fee paid by each student may be different from others.

AIC Email and Communication System

AIC will provide you with an Avicenna email account. All communications should be carried out via this official email.

Hungarian Schengen Visa

If you need a visa to study in Hungary, you should make an appointment at the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate in your city (or the nearest one). Admission Department will assist you in this process. We will provide you with a special form called “AIC – 02 Form” after you have paid the fees and completed all documents. With this form and other required documents, you can refer to the embassy and apply for a Schengen Residence Permit. AIC consultants in your area will help you in this process.

You can find useful information on conditions of entry, visa agreements, consular fees, and legal regulations with respect to Hungarian Schengen visa on the website of the Hungarian Government.

Travel Arrangement

After you have received your visa (if needed), you will arrange for your travel to Budapest. You should announce your arrival at least one week before your arrival so that we can arrange for your pick up at the airport.
Send a message to arrival[at]avicenna[dot]hu to give the date and hour of your flight.

Ask for further information

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question with respect to the admission process, visa, residence, and related services.