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Biology lesson, G9 students have their first lesson about nucleic acids


During Biology lesson, G9 students have their first lesson about nucleic acids that includes DNA and RNA. After completing all required knowledge about the structure and types of nucleic acids, students compete in 3 groups working together to find the match of different terms with the right responses.

Biology lesson, G9 students have their first lesson about nucleic acids2024-03-04T15:35:43+01:00

Turkish students at Avicenna


AIC had the pleasure to welcome 20 Turkish students and 4 accompanying teacher Colleagues from Kilis on our premises and to spend the whole week together with exciting academic and social programmes from 19 to 23 February for the entire working week. It was an all-time first for us to welcome a group of Turkish high school students at Avicenna. The Turkish students were placed into 4 different study groups that fitted their age and study profile the best. They attended scheduled classes with Avicenna students in grades 9, 10 and 11 in the morning from [...]

Turkish students at Avicenna2024-03-04T15:09:49+01:00

Visit to Rock Hospital


AIC opened the New Year with a very unique cultural program located under Buda Castle to improve the knowledge of the graduating class about modern history. Out of 29 students and adults,13 grade12 and six Italian Erasmus students visited the Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum (Hungarian: Sziklakórház Atombunker Múzeum) with six Erasmus teachers from Italy and four accompanying teachers from Avicenna Bilingual High School. The aim of the interactive program was to help students understand the brutality of wars, widen their knowledge of modern history among students about to graduate and also narrow the [...]

Visit to Rock Hospital2024-02-15T03:32:42+01:00

Second English Language Competition


For the second time, AIC opened its doors to students from grades 7-8 in Budapest to participate in the first round of the Second English Language Competition on 29 January 2024. The 154 registered students filled the three registration slots (9.00, 15.30 and 17.30) in just a few weeks, often with the help of their teachers and schools. The unexpectedly high interest was preceded by hard marketing work, which last year, brought 133 online testers to the event. This year, having learnt from the lessons of the previous year we organized an offline, paper based test within AIC in the [...]

Second English Language Competition2024-02-15T03:33:49+01:00

AIC has stopped offering NCUK programmes from January 2024


AIC has stopped offering NCUK programmes from January 2024 and introduced our diploma programmes in business and engineering pathways instead, starting from October 2023. The DITT and DBP programmes are purposefully designed to prepare our students for EU-wide universities to study Business ( DBP) and Engineering (DITT). Admissions are open for the next academic year, to learn more, visit our website.

AIC has stopped offering NCUK programmes from January 20242024-01-19T23:41:10+01:00

AIC Highschool Admission Information 2024-2025


Admission Information Admission Information 1. No need to take the Central Written Exam if you want to join AIC next year! We are truly international as we have students from all over the world, our students currently represent 19 different nations under one roof called Avicenna International College. 2. At the interview stage We cultivate a great interest in our future students, we need to see them first up and therefore we request a short introduction from you. What should it look like? We would like to see a short but nice presentation of your achievements that you are [...]

AIC Highschool Admission Information 2024-20252024-01-19T23:42:09+01:00



AIC SUMMER CAMP 2024 For Hungarian and International High School Students Avicenna International College (AIC) is an international institution accredited by the Hungarian Government (accreditation number: OM-201799) and several international accreditation bodies like Cambridge Assessment, College Board, FEDE, Pearson Edexcel, and NCUK. AIC is an elite educational institute located in the heart of Budapest, near prestigious universities such as Semmelweis University, ELTE, CORVINUS, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and the University of Public Administration AIC started its activities in 1995 by providing short courses for medical students studying in Budapest at Semmelweis University. Later, it [...]


Tudósítás az Avicenna Nemzetközi Karácsonyi Kiállítás és Vásár 2023 december 8-i megnyitó ünnepségéről


Az Avicenna Holding első alkalommal megrendezett Avicenna Nemzetközi Karácsonyi Kiállítás és Vásárának megnyitó ünnepsége, 2023. December 8.- án, 16.00 órától vette kezdetét a cégcsoporthoz tartozó Avicenna International College fogadásokra is alkalmas nagy előadótermében. A  Tisztelet Társasága által is felkarolt rendezvény közel százötven meghívott vendége között olyan külföldi személyiségek is megtiszteltek bennünket, mint Bashar Samara úr, a Szíriai Arab Köztársaság budapesti nagykövetségének ügyvivője, valamint Jimmi Albert Andrade Colorado úr, a Venezuelai Bolivár Köztársaság budapesti nagykövetségének ideiglenes ügyvivője és több más diplomata. A megnyitó beszédek és magas rangú felszólalások sora Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini, az Avicenna Holding és az Avicenna International [...]

Tudósítás az Avicenna Nemzetközi Karácsonyi Kiállítás és Vásár 2023 december 8-i megnyitó ünnepségéről2023-12-14T19:39:24+01:00

Opening Ceremony of the First Avicenna International Christmas Exhibition and Fair 2023


The opening ceremony of the Avicenna International Christmas Exhibition and Fair, organized for the first time by Avicenna Holding, commenced on December 8, 2023, in the large lecture hall of the Avicenna International College, which is part of the company group and is also suitable for prestigious events. Among the nearly one hundred and fifty invited guests of the ceremony, which was also supported by the Society of Honor, we were honored by such foreign dignitaries as Mr. Bashar Samara, Chargé d'affaires of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Budapest, and Mr. Jimmi Albert Andrade Colorado, Chargé d'affaires [...]

Opening Ceremony of the First Avicenna International Christmas Exhibition and Fair 20232023-12-14T15:54:50+01:00

Az Avicenna Nemzetközi Karácsonyi Vásár kulturális programja


December 09-én, szombaton A Trigatu indiai tánccsoport szórakoztatja vendégeit 15.00 órai kezdettel, mely 25 perces előadásában végigvezet minket legalább többféle indiai táncstíluson a klasszikustól a progresszív modernig. Majd az ezt követő tíz perces vietnámi klasszikus tánc bűvöli el két táncos hölgy kecsességével nézőit, a Vietnámi Nagykövetséggel felvett kapcsolatunk eredményeként. A fellépők sorát az Avicenna International College Két tanítási Nyelvű diákjainak fél órás zenés, táncos műsora zárja. December 08-án Nyitó Nap: Az ünnepélyes megnyitó és a szalag ünnepélyes elvágása után 17.00-kor a meghívott vendégek megtekintik az 500 nm-es karácsonyi pavilonban a nyitó előadásokat, mely a hiedelem szerint [...]

Az Avicenna Nemzetközi Karácsonyi Vásár kulturális programja2023-12-10T12:37:16+01:00
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