The month of February is the beginning of an exciting season that leads up to all the festivities in the world ushering in the spirit of the new year and the coming of the spring. Such is the Lunar New Year widely celebrated in Asia and here at Avicenna by our Chinese and Vietnamese students. 

Grade 11 students were asked to prepare ppt presentations to show to their classmates during two specially dedicated Master Classes in 2 weeks, coming from other ethnic backgrounds how they actually celebrate it, what the most important attributes and customs are, explained and highlighted by themselves, our students by giving an authentic take on their local traditions evoking their true spirit.  We managed to involve all G11 Chinese and Vietnamese students and they were listened to by their other classmates. 

Among them the Italian Erasmus students, the 8 girls from the Umbria region who were happy to tell their part, to show us how they celebrate Carnival in their local communities.  Their presentations were well received by their classmates as they were showcasing local traditions and foods that are associated typically with the Carnival season in Italy and specifically in Umbria where they have their own traditions maybe less known than the Venetian Carnival, we all know too well.  Highlighting the event, we had 8 Spanish adult guests who could compare the Italian traditions to their own customs regarding the Festival and Carnival Season.

Article by Steve Szabó

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