Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony


On the 10th of June, we revived the good old tradition of holding a Graduation Ceremony at the Avicenna. During the two years of Covid it wasn’t possible to hold such a high-profile gathering so this year we did it, as a much-anticipated social event. It was a heart-warming sight to see parents and relatives and teachers of our 10 graduating students filling one of our largest classrooms, room 314 on the first floor. So much so that the rest of the AIC students could be seated only in the corridor. The graduating students were led to the [...]

Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony2022-06-24T09:31:21+02:00

Students visit to Budapest Museum of Fine Arts


On 31st May, AIC High School students gathered in the schoolyard for their Art trip to the Fine Arts Museum, visiting the temporary exhibition of Hieronymus Bosch. A bright and sunny afternoon with 32 students joining. Students had the chance to visit both the Bosch and the museum's permanent collection as well. Although we made some small efforts to teach them about Bosch's art in advance, we thought it is better to have their personal experience and comments on it so we are going to discuss their impressions in the upcoming lesson. Students were grateful [...]

Students visit to Budapest Museum of Fine Arts2022-06-07T18:58:20+02:00

International Students Festival


Avicenna International College, a unique English-language secondary school and university preparatory institution that has been active for more than 25 years is hosted its first International Student Festival on May 27, 2022. At the event, 11 active groups out of the 15 different nationalities represented at the institution had the opportunity to showcase an exclusive slice of their own cultural background. Namely, students studying at AIC from Egypt, India, Iran, China, Korea, Hungary, Nigeria, Russia, Syria, Turkey, and Vietnam entertain each other and the invited guests of the institution with their talents developed in poetry, music, dance, and exotic sports. [...]

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Student Trip: Visegrád


On the 14. of May 29 students from two EFP classes with their beloved teachers and the AIC guides decided to join the tour to a small castle town,Visegrád, 45 km north of Budapest in the most photographed sight of the Danube Band. Our train departed from the Western Railway Station at 9.08 and we had a 40 mins journey on a brand new double-decker train to Nagymaros-Visegrád. While waiting for the ferry to connect at 11.00, some enjoyed the waterfront with the fabulous view of the Visegrád Fortress in the mountain opposite, others delighted themselves with the refreshments at [...]

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Lindau Deutschcamp


As an innovation regarding our German language programme at the AIC, we decided to give the opportunity to 11 students to spend a week in the Bavarian city Lindau at our partner language school Dialoge. The students stayed with specially selected German host families. We took an ÖBB train from the Keleti Train Station and entered Germany through the Austrian city Salzburg. The Austrian Alpine scenery, watched from the train, was just simply ‘wunderschön’. We changed trains in Munich and continued with the DB down to the Swiss border to reach our destination Lindau. Germany is full of opportunities [...]

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Corvinus university informational presentation


The director introduced Corvinus University to the audience of our interested foundation programme and high school students. Corvinus is an outstanding partner for us to provide unparalleled progression possibilities for our recent and prospective students wishing to pursue business studies at university.

Corvinus university informational presentation2022-03-04T09:59:56+01:00

Mirsadra Molaei, 2017 alum of the AIC won 1st prize at the Semmelweis TDK Scientific Conference.


AIC congratulates Mirsadra Molaei, 2017 alum of the AIC Avicenna Medical Foundation Program, and current 4th year Semmelweis University Pharmacy student on winning 1st prize at the Semmelweis TDK Scientific Conference. From 2021 Mirsadra joined the Bioanalytical NMR Research Group of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Arash Mirzahosseini. Every year the Scientific Students Association organizes the TDK Conference where excellence in the presentation of ideas and scientific research are awarded in every field. Mirsadra Molaei received a shared 1st prize with Máté Dobó in the section of Pharmaceutical Sciences A. Avicenna International College  [...]

Mirsadra Molaei, 2017 alum of the AIC won 1st prize at the Semmelweis TDK Scientific Conference.2022-03-02T21:17:17+01:00
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