Student group visits to Tomb of Gül Baba


On the 24th of November, AIC students visited Gül Baba's tomb in the Buda district of Rózsadomb. Gül Baba (born in Merzifon, present-day Turkey) was a Dervish member of the Ottoman empire in Buda, who died in 1541. This beautiful türbe (meaning tomb in Turkish) is the northernmost Islamic pilgrimage site in the world and is regarded as a significant part of Hungary's historical heritage as it was left unharmed during the Habsburg invasion and the consequent World Wars.

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AIC Prom Night 2022


The promenade (prom) dance night of AIC seniors coupled with the ribbon ceremony (’Szalagavató’ in Hungarian, [lit] ribbon graduation) was held on the 17th of November (Thursday), for the second time in the Ferencváros Cultural Center and Theater. During the ceremony, the Principal of Avicenna High School (Mr. Steve Szabó) gave a welcome speech to open the event highlighting the vast number of international students in the graduating year. Contrary to previous years, the President of the Institution (Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini) unfortunately could not attend the ceremony due to other engagements; the President’s message, welcoming all the students and parents, [...]

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Budapest city tour


On the 7th, 8th and 11th of November the students and teachers of the AIC Foundation Programs participated in a cultural program of Budapest city tour starting from Heroes’ square and touching the City Park, Széchenyi Spa, the Városliget Ice Rink, Vajdahunyad Castle, the Budapest Zoo, Gundel Restaurant, Andrássy Avenue, Octagon Square, the Hungarian Opera House, and St Stephens’ Basilica - the largest church in Budapest. The purpose of this city program was to introduce the historical sites, culture, history and the business quarter of the inner city of Budapest. Students in the English and German Foundation Programs also got [...]

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Universities round table session


On the 8th of November, the President of Avicenna International College opened the roundtable discussion regarding development investment projects in the Orczy quarter. The program organizers, headed by the Director for International Cooperation Amb. János Kovács aimed to create a bilateral dialogue between the main participants and stakeholders of the projects. 

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Education Fair event at Surrey Immigration Consultants, Ludhiana


The Avicenna International College-India Office, Mr Virat Kumar & Ms Kritika, represented the college at the Education Fair event at Surrey Immigration Consultants, Ludhiana. The event took place at the Surrey Immigration Consultants Head Office. It took place on October 31 and November 01 along with intensive meetings and discussions with potential students and their respective parents from all over the Punjab and other places. AIC attracted a lot of attention, all thanks to its special approach and unique programs such as dual high school degrees, NCUK, MFP streams & FEDE Programs. During these 2 days' events, [...]

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ICEF Berlin 2022


The President of Avicenna International College, Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini, personally represented the college at the ICEF 2022 event in Berlin. The event took place at the Intercontinental hotel which is interestingly located on the "Budapest Street". The conference took place between October 31 and November 01 with intensive meetings and seminars with educational experts and consultants from all over the world. AIC attracted a lot of attention thank to its special approach and unique programs such as dual high school degree, or NCUK and MFP streams. During these three days event, over 15 cooperation agreements were concluded. Some countries such [...]

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Halloween night at high school


Halloween (All Hallows' Eve) is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31, in most parts of the world. It is closely tied to the ancient Celtic harvest festivals and an observance on the following days dedicated to those who have passed. It is common among the young to go trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins as Jack-o-lanterns and playing creative games with spooky Halloween themes. This year the students of Avicenna High School participated in a Halloween-themed night at Avicenna on October 28th, as part of a whole night celebration and a feature-length Halloween film. Students arrived in Halloween costumes [...]

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Upcoming cultural programs in High School


AIC is inviting its high school students for three upcoming cultural activities in the following week. As all the students of our language preparation class have recently arrived in Hungary, we are keen to introduce them the city, its transport, history and its main squares and buildings. So we decided to take them on a guided tour around the Heroes' Square and City Park next week. Both sites offer a great chance to understand the way Hungarians thought and behaved, partly by providing a historical overview, and partly showing the opportunities of future use of museums and winter-summer [...]

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Visit the Central Library of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library


Avicenna high school students from grade 10 visited the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library this week. It has been not only a long-cherished goal of the Literature teachers but all of the others to show our teenage students sophisticated learning facilities in the heart of Budapest within an outstanding building, which used to be a Palace (Wenckheim Palace) owned by an aristocrat family in the XIX. century. The library itself started to operate in 1904. The richly ornamented iron gates from the street made us anticipate the magnificent interior of the mainly baroque building. Having loaded the lockers with [...]

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Parliament visit


In keeping our tradition, AIC took its secondary school students, this time grade pre-9, the language preparation class, on a guided tour held in English to the Hungarian Parliament in October. The group departed from the school after the morning classes. Our students this time were all newcomers, recent arrivals mainly from Iran.  Before the event, as usual, their history teacher, Mr. Mark and English teacher who is also a tour guide, Ms. Monika had prepared them for the sights thematically. Due to this fact, our students found this experience, not just unique and fascinating, but also something [...]

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