Halloween night at high school


Halloween (All Hallows' Eve) is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31, in most parts of the world. It is closely tied to the ancient Celtic harvest festivals and an observance on the following days dedicated to those who have passed. It is common among the young to go trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins as Jack-o-lanterns and playing creative games with spooky Halloween themes. This year the students of Avicenna High School participated in a Halloween-themed night at Avicenna on October 28th, as part of a whole night celebration and a feature-length Halloween film. Students arrived in Halloween costumes [...]

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Venezuela and Avicenna International College


H.E. Mr. Jose Reinaldo Camejo Diaz, the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela paid a visit to Avicenna International College on Thursday 27th of October 2022. We are honored that Mr. Ambassador chose AIC as one of his farewell visits in Budapest as very soon his mandate will end and he will return to his country. In the past few years, AIC has opened its doors towards Latin American countries and Venezuela was the first country to come on board and delegate students to AIC. These Venezuelan students are now happily pursuing their studies in [...]

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Upcoming cultural programs in High School


AIC is inviting its high school students for three upcoming cultural activities in the following week. As all the students of our language preparation class have recently arrived in Hungary, we are keen to introduce them the city, its transport, history and its main squares and buildings. So we decided to take them on a guided tour around the Heroes' Square and City Park next week. Both sites offer a great chance to understand the way Hungarians thought and behaved, partly by providing a historical overview, and partly showing the opportunities of future use of museums and winter-summer [...]

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Visit the Central Library of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library


Avicenna high school students from grade 10 visited the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library this week. It has been not only a long-cherished goal of the Literature teachers but all of the others to show our teenage students sophisticated learning facilities in the heart of Budapest within an outstanding building, which used to be a Palace (Wenckheim Palace) owned by an aristocrat family in the XIX. century. The library itself started to operate in 1904. The richly ornamented iron gates from the street made us anticipate the magnificent interior of the mainly baroque building. Having loaded the lockers with [...]

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Parliament visit


In keeping our tradition, AIC took its secondary school students, this time grade pre-9, the language preparation class, on a guided tour held in English to the Hungarian Parliament in October. The group departed from the school after the morning classes. Our students this time were all newcomers, recent arrivals mainly from Iran.  Before the event, as usual, their history teacher, Mr. Mark and English teacher who is also a tour guide, Ms. Monika had prepared them for the sights thematically. Due to this fact, our students found this experience, not just unique and fascinating, but also something [...]

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Music Workshop


In addition to its regular cultural programmes partly inbuilt in the curriculum, AIC strives to offer its students, both in the secondary and foundation department, a variety of optional quality leisure time activities outside school hours, but within the school framework. Therefore, at the end of the summer, AIC started exploring the possibility of extracurricular activities such as learning drumming under the aegis of AIC. An information session was held on 12 October, with around 40-50 students interested in attending after school. After a brief introduction Marton Veress, a founder of an International Drum School in Budapest, who lived in New [...]

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AIC Cultural Programs in October


Avicenna International College is inviting its bilingual high school students for two upcoming programs on October 12 and 17. One is the now-traditional 45-minute visit to the Hungarian Parliament, which will give an insight both into Hungarian history and the grandiose architecture of the 18th century. The other program is a visit to the Szabó Ervin Library in Budapest with the help of a local English guide, to try to shape and develop the learning habits of our students. A photo report on these two events will be published shortly. To find out more about us, come and [...]

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ARC – Billboard Exhibition


Hello folks, this is Ms. Emese, English language teacher of C1 group in HS, let’s see how we develop our English skills in an interactive way: On a sunny Thursday morning, our highest English level group paid a visit to ARC (FACE) open-air billboard exhibition in Bikás Park, Újbuda. On those billboards Hungarian public media artists and everyday people react to public life, craze of politics, all current issues of today in a funny, talkative and sarcastic way. Before we get into details of our time spent there, let’s see what ARC is all about: ARC (FACE) NO.22 EXHIBITION ON OUR BUBBLES – WE ARE A [...]

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Nyílt nap az AIC-ben


Nyílt nap az AIC-ben Nyílt nap az AIC-ben! Kedves Szülők és Általános Iskolások! Szeretettel meghívjuk az Avicenna International College Magyar-Angol Két Tanítási Nyelvű Gimnáziumának a NYÍLT NAPJÁRA 2022. december 7-én és 8-án 9.00 és 12.30 között Program: – Igazgatói tájékoztató – Óralátogatások – Beszélgetés tanárokkal, diákokkal Regisztrálhat az alábbi űrlapon. Parkolási lehetőséget biztosítunk az iskola hátsó udvarán. Regisztrálj a nyílt napra

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NCUK Regional Manager visits Avicenna International College


We had the honour to host Mr Adam Connor at the AIC, who is the NCUK Regional Manager from Manchester. Mr Adam came to pay us a visit by the invitation of the AIC-NCUK Academic Manager Mr Steve and spent an action-packed full day with us in Budapest, that started with a guided tour in the Hungarian Parliament in the company of Ms Katalin who is in charge of cultural programmes at Avicenna.

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