On March 15th, we gather to commemorate the Revolution of 1848, the Hungarian War of Independence against the Habsburg monarchy, a pivotal event in our quest for independence and democratic rights. The students in grade 10 made it their goal that, in the short time they had, they would strive to make it as outstanding as possible, including songs, poems, and re-enactments of historical events to help demonstrate and provide a better understanding.

Initially, their ideas were scattered, so they sought to find a central theme upon which to build their performance. This central theme was the “Nemzeti dal,” which they performed in both Hungarian and English for everyone to understand and recognize the importance of this event. They aimed to ensure everyone understood the reasons for this revolution and provided visual examples. Thus, they settled on a slideshow featuring pictures honouring the heroes who fought and sacrificed their lives for a better future.

 As one of the most significant days in Hungarian history, they made sure to include the Himnusz (the National Anthem) and the Szózat (Appeal). To add visual interest to the performance, they decided to create Huszár Csákó (Hussar Shako), a cap worn by Hungarian hussars, which turned out to be a huge success and very memorable. The script was finalized, but they wanted to add something slightly more original. Luckily, one of their classmates played the piano, so she volunteered to perform the National Anthem, further enhancing the brilliance of the performance. Their final duty was to recount the devastating fall of the revolution, where the Habsburg Monarchy managed to crush the uprising, leading to the execution and imprisonment of many fighters and participants.

The commemoration of March 15th by the 10th grade not only remembered the events of 1848-49, but also the values and ideals that people fought for. These events play an important role in Hungarian national identity and consciousness, reminding everyone that it is worth fighting for freedom and self-determination.

The process of creating this show strengthened the students in grade 10 as a class and as a team. Throughout their preparations, everyone witnessed the great efforts they put into the performance. They spent days and nights perfecting the script, ensuring it would be both enjoyable and informative. The exemplary teamwork of the 10th grade should remind us of the power of unity and collaboration in achieving great things, similar to the Hungarian revolutionaries who united for the realization of their dreams and for freedom in the country.

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