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Schengen Visa


Schengen Visa Avicenna International College is located in the Schengen area. Students from EU countries and the countries where a visa is not required, can enter Hungary and register at AIC. These students will then be introduced to the Immigration Authority in Budapest. Students from outside Schengen countries should apply for a Hungarian Schengen visa before joining AIC for studies.  schengen visa stamp in passport After you have completed all the steps stated in the “Admission Letter”, we will provide you with “AIC-02 Form” which states you have completed all the required steps. This form contains [...]

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Medical Insurance


Medical Insurance It is compulsory to have an insurance policy for the duration of your studies in Hungary. If you are from an EU country and your home insurance is also valid in Hungary then you do not need to buy a new insurance policy. You will give a copy of your insurance contract or card to the Student Center to be included in your student file. Other students will have insurance covered by “Generali Insurance”. This insurance is valid ONLY in Hungary and when you leave Hungary for any reason you will have to buy extra insurance [...]

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Accommodation When you arrive in Budapest, you will be taken to your temporary residence in a hotel of your choice. From the next day of your arrival, you will need to look for a residence (apartment, hostel, dormitory, shared a home) which will be your residence place during your studies in Budapest. Student Center will provide you with consultation, information, and assistance with respect to accommodation in Budapest free-of-charge. However, you are free to choose the services of other real estate agencies or your friends in finding an apartment. You can also share apartments with other students. [...]


Appointment System


Schengen Visa We are happy to warmly welcome to Avicenna International College. It is important that we all learn time is important and we should be on time and respect order. This will save time for all of us and we can focus on our studies. We have developed the “Appointment Booking System” for your convenience. Whenever you want to come to the “Student Center” or meet the financial officer or meet any of the college teachers or authorities, you should make an appointment online via this booking system. Please follow the steps explained below. It is easy. [...]

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Socio-cultural AIC organizes several social and cultural activities during the year. We may pay a visit to sick children at the hospital during Christmas bringing them some small gifts or organize a charity activity to collect some important items for the people in need. We are all Global Citizens and the pain of one member of the human society can cause pain for all of us. We organize visits to several European universities in Hungary and outside Hungary. Students will see the cities and the universities that they may apply to in the future. Art and handicrafts festivals [...]




Restaurant AIC operates a fully furnished restaurant to serve its students and faculty. Avicenna restaurants provide everyday lunch and refreshments during the breaks. Lunch is warm and cooked with extra care according to the taste and desire of our students from around the world. You can enjoy eastern and Hungarian dishes at our restaurant. Students can order their lunch in advance online (this makes it cheaper) or just walk in and buy what they need to eat. There is an option to order the dinner which students can take home after the classes or they order delivery at [...]




Library Avicenna International College operates a library on the third floor. Students are free to use the library for their studies or use the books which are there on open shelves. You can leave the books on the table after reading them or return them to their shelves. AIC students can use the libraries of other universities. You will need to get a “School Certificate” from college and take it to those libraries for registration. You can use the library of Semmelweis University ( ), Corvinus University ( ) and the Szabo Ervin Public Library ( ) at Kalvin [...]




CollegeBoard is a non-profit organization which provides help for international stduents to get into US and Candian universities. Avicenna International College is an official center for CollegeBoard in Hungary. SAT, AP, GMAT, GRE, PCAT and other exms and certificates are offered by CollegeBaord for those international students who wish to study in the USA. AIC provides courses to prepare for SAT I and SAT II (subject specific) mainly in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.




Avicenna International College is a full member of FEDE (the Federation of EDucation in Europe). The FEDE is an International Non-governmental Organisation (INGO), and supranational institution, created in Switzerland in 1963, granted participatory status with the Council of Europe and consultative status with La Francophonie. FEDE federates an international network of more than 500 institutions of higher and professional education, in 35 countries and on 4 continents, which share a joint project of academic excellence, pedagogical innovation, scientific research and openness to the world. The FEDE delivers more than 150 European diplomas and certificates available in French and English, with [...]




Avicenna International College is accredited by the Hungarian Education Authority or OH (Oktatási Hivatal) under the Ministry of Human Capacities. After a lengthy and complex process of accreditation, AIC has been granted the full status of “English-Hungarian Bi-lingual High School” under Hungarian and European laws and regulations. Hungarian and international students can study at AIC from grade 9 to 12 and upon successful completion of the program they will be granted the Hungarian High School Diploma or ERETTSEGI. By holding this diploma our graduates can study in Hungary at any university in Hungarian or in English. Also our graduates can [...]