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Avicenna International College (AIC) will organize SAT exam


Avicenna International College (AIC) will organize SAT exam Avicenna International College (AIC) will organize the SAT exam on October 5, 2019.SAT is a standardized test which is provided by the College Board.AIC tries to provide the best opportunities for its international students who wish to continue their studies in the USA and Canada.Special training courses for SAT I and SAT II (subject-specific) are offered among the academic courses of AIC. International applicants are welcome to apply to one of these courses during the academic year.

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Medical University Freshman Year Conference and Workshop


Medical University Freshman Year Conference and Workshop 10:30 AM Dr. Sharhrokh Mirzahosseini welcomed and congratulated the students accepted to the medical universities of Europe and together with the rest of the faculty wished everyone a successful workshop. 11:00 AM Part one of Medical University Freshman Year Conference and Workshop has been concluded covering the most effective strategies in medical universities.

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Books AIC pays special attention to the books and hand-outs that we provide for our students. These books must be right for each purpose and help our students in their endeavor to learn the subjects they will need at the university. Exactly, for this reason, many of the books used at AIC are compiled by the faculty of Avicenna and are published by Avicenna Publications. These books are specially designed and written to meet the expectations of the European universities and the requirements of your program of study. When you register [...]


Avicenna Medical Foundation Program-AMFP


Avicenna Medical Foundation Program A Level IV Educational Program for the UK and European Universities Medicine – Dentistry – Pharmacy – Veterinary – Nursing – Physiotherapy – Biomedical Sciences Avicenna Medical Foundation Program (AMFP) is a well-structured and comprehensive program designed for those international students who have completed their high school studies outside the UK and wish to continue their further studies in a medically related field in British or other European universities. AMFP will prepare students for successful entry to European universities. It also ensures that students learn to become independent, organized, disciplined [...]

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Avicenna International Pre-Med Degree


Avicenna International Pre-Med Degree Avicenna International Pre-Med Degree is a level IV study which is recognized by European and other international universities. This program is well-designed and prepares students for medical, dental and pharmaceutical studies in English at the most prestigious universities. This program is offered in 4 semesters and covers all the subjects required for the first two years of medical studies. These subjects include General biology, cell and molecular biology, human genetics, immunology, microbiology, histology, anatomy, embryology, human physiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, academic English and medical English (OET). Apply Now [...]

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European Nursing Foundation Program


European Nursing Foundation Program European Nursing Foundation Program is an intensive program geared towards educating internationally trained/qualified nurses to specifically meet the standards and expectations of NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council - UK). Upon completion of this course, qualified nurses can apply to register at NMC-UK and apply for related jobs with UK employers. After having gained work experience in the UK (usually 2 years), graduate nurses can apply to work in the USA and Canada. Upon successful completion of this program, nurses may also consider applying for registration in other European countries. This [...]

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Celebrating the Foundation of Hungary


Celebrating the Foundation of Hungary August 20, 2019 Celebrating the Foundation of Hungary Amazing night-view with the Chain Bridge at night, Budapest Hungarians celebrate August 20 every year. Today Hungary was founded as a state by St. Stephen, the first king of Hungary. Hungary celebrates this day which is a national holiday by a series of festivals, ceremonies, speeches, and fireworks. The most spectacular fireworks display happens in Budapest over the Danube river. Several of the bridges get involved in this display as well as the Gellert Hill. Many events are organized on these days for [...]

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FEDE European Master Programs


FEDE European Master Programs Those who have already earned BA or BSc degree from a recognized university can apply for a professional European Master program offered by FEDE at AIC. Master programs are composed of 180 ECTS credits. FEDE Master Degrees usually carry the following characters: – Help graduate students to develop solid analytical and cognitive capacities, – Help students to adopt a strategic approach at the heart of the business networks, – Help students to gain knowledge on how to manage a team, project or structure, – Help students to gain substantial expertise [...]

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FEDE European Bachelor Degree Programs


FEDE European Bachelor Programs FEDE Bachelor Degree Programs are offered after the Foundation Degree. FEDE Bachelor degree generally focuses on: – Gaining and strengthening solid operational skills, – Managing a project without supervision, – Building a professional network, – Specializing in your field of interest What is a European Bachelor Programs FEDE European Bachelor Programs Those who have completed the Foundation program (120 ECTS) can continue their studies towards a FEDE European Bachelor Degree. This program is a level 6 in [...]

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FEDE European Foundation Degree Programs


FEDE European Foundation Programs FEDE Foundation Degree programs are much recognized. These are professional programs pursued after high school graduation. FEDE Foundation degree mainly focuses on: – Learning about operational skills, – Learning about the skills necessary to manage a project, – Learning and gaining access to professional networks, – Specializing in your field of interest. What is a European Foundation Programs FEDE European Foundation Degree Programs Foundation programs are the practical and theoretical programs which are designed for higher education after [...]

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