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Avicenna International College (AIC) is an international institution accredited by the Hungarian Government (accreditation number: OM-201799) and several international accreditation bodies like Cambridge Assessment, College Board, FEDE, Pearson Edexcel, and NCUK. AIC is an elite educational institute located in the heart of Budapest, near prestigious universities such as Semmelweis University, ELTE, CORVINUS, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and the University of Public Administration

AIC started its activities in 1995 by providing short courses for medical students studying in Budapest at Semmelweis University. Later, it developed its courses, and as far as today on the 27th year of its anniversary, it provides many programs divided into “Secondary or High School” and “Post-secondary” programs. Secondary education begins with a one-year pre-high school course for those students who need further development in English and sciences. Then students join grades 9 to 12. By completing secondary studies at AIC, students can earn two parallel high school diplomas at the same time, namely the prestigious British “A Level” high school diploma in addition to the Hungarian Baccalaureate (Érettségi).2 All subjects are taught in English. Extra German and Hungarian languages are also taught as second languages.

In this truly international environment, we offer our students the unparalleled opportunity to join medical, business and technical preparation programmes within the framework of our UK accredited International Foundation Year (IFY) after high school education. Successful completion of NCUK-IFY programmes means a guaranteed admission to most of the UK and many Australian, US and Canadian universities. AIC also runs English and German Foundation / Language Programs which prepare the students for successful studies in English or German in Europe.

AIC is a university-oriented school that prepares students for successful university studies and is proud that more than 95% of its students are generally admitted to the best universities in Hungary and Europe.

AIC is student-centered and focuses on sciences and languages with educational programs provided by some of the best international teachers and professors. We already have around 35 experienced teachers and 20 staff members who help us achieve our mission.

All our high school and post-secondary students from Hungary and other countries are equally important to us and we provide general pastoral care as well as personalized care and facilitate their studies and development. Our students grow to become successful citizens. AIC provides an advanced scholarship system to most of its students from Hungary and abroad. 

Students will be accommodated in the Cinkota Residence, newly renovated and fully furnished 3-star hotel. Students receive breakfast in the mornings. Accommodation is situated near the sport and recreation centers in the 16th district of Budapest. Cinkota Residence has 20 comfortable double rooms, with convenient two single beds (80cm x 200cm) and a private bathroom for two students. All standard double rooms have air conditioning and internet access. Staying at Cinkota Residence always provides a special experience for its guests. A 24-hour reception with a courtyard terrace, free Wi-Fi, and free parking is included in the services. The rooms have a private balcony, and a bathroom with a shower. All rooms are equipped with smart TV, air conditioner, and electronic safe. Cinkota Residence provides continental breakfast. The rooms are cleaned by staff regularly. Shampoo, liquid soap, and other cosmetic products are available in every room. Additional products can be purchased at the reception.

AIC provides all the books, handouts and supplementary materials for the Summer Camp. The handouts include two files, one for English and the other for science lessons. The material includes all the exercises that will be covered in the course on weekdays. These exercises are based on interactive experiments, pair and group work, competitions and playful approaches to exploit the potential motivation specially tailored to the needs of the age group between 13 and 17.

Students will not be given homework day by day. However, as the language of communication is English, there will be plenty of opportunities to revise and practice the language in natural, every-day circumstances. The so-called homework is replaced by informal tasks, like reading graded (simplified and shortened) books of classical and popular literature during the evenings or while traveling long distances.

Besides the science classes (Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry) students are provided useful information about Hungarian and European universities and fields of study in the first part of the program. Exhaustive information about universities and fields of studies will be provided in extra files.

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