Offered by Cambridge University

A Level -1 or AS is the first year of an internationally recognized British System offered by Cambridge University. Those students who have finished 10 years of education with 2 years in secondary education can join this program. Those who join A Level have usually completed their IGCSE but this is not a prerequisite to enroll in this program. The previous studies in Hungary or outside Hungary are always considered positively. AIC students can study Grade 11 and AS in parallel. The science subjects are chosen by the students depending on their future university study plan.

A Level-1 or AS is offered in parallel to Grade 11. Students are welcome to join the A Level classes. Practically you can earn two prestigious degrees while studying at Grade 11 and Grade 12. You can finish the requirements of Hungarian Bi-lingual High School and complete the requirements of A Level. AIC is a recognized center of EDEXCEL and PEARSON. Therefore you can take all the required exams for A-Level at your own college.


Customized For Quick Learning

This course follows the standards of Cambridge Examinations program. Books and hand-outs are provided by EDEXCEL and Avicenna Publications. By completion of this year, students can be promoted to Grade 12 and A2 program.

Up To Date Curriculum

Based on the interest of our students and their plans for future studies, various subjects are offered. AIC teachers will advise you on what subjects to take to prepare you for your A-Level studies in grades 11 and 12.

The following subjects are offered:









Students who have completed Pre-IB / Pre-A Level year at AIC can enrol for A Level-1 (Grade 11). Transfer students from other international schools are welcome to apply for A Level program. 


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