DBM will provide a strong basis in general and academic English

Diploma in Business and Marketing (DBM) is designed for those international students who have finished high school and would like to continue their studies in Europe in the English language-based university. DBM will provide a strong basis in general and academic English for the students and also offer some understanding of basic business-related subjects. Our graduates can apply to any European or North American university.

Business administration, economics, banking, marketing, international relations, law and IT in marketing are among the fields of study that the graduates of Diploma in Business and Marketing (DBM) can choose to continue their studies in one of the English language European universities.

Upon completion of DBM, the Admission Department of AIC will help the graduates to find the best possible option in one of the European and UK universities.

BFP is a structured program which is geared towards preparing the students for independent studies at business and humanities-related fields in English at the UK or other European universities.

General and academic English plays an important role in this one-year foundation course. Students should reach minimum B2 and C1 to be able to study effectively in business related programs.

BFP students will receive extensive number of hours in English language instruction. All four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening will be emphasized. At the end of the course, students can take the IELTS or FEDE English test to earn an international diploma.
Students should be able to comprehend academic English to be successful in their university studies. Academic English can lead to an academic IELTS or EAP offered by NCUK which is of international value and specifically valuable for the UK universities.
Business Studies is an important module which ensures that students will have a basic understanding of the key concepts of business and management. Marketing, leadership, organizational structure, accounting and finance, human resource management and corporate strategy are among the topics taught in this module.
This module is offered by FEDE and comprises part of the degrees offered by FEDE. This module focuses on the structure and function of the European Union.

International and Hungarian students are welcome to apply to study Business Foundation Program (BFP) at Avicenna International College. Applicants must hold a valid high school diploma. A Level and IB graduates are encouraged to apply for Avicenna Scholarship Plan. Students can combine this course with NCUK IFY – Business Stream when they plan to prepare for any NCUK universities at AIC.


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