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Hungarian and international students who have completed 8 years of studies can join Grade 9 of English-Hungarian Bilingual High School Program. Upon completion of this high school program, students will be conferred a degree called “Érettségi” which is recognized by all 27 EU countries and all around the world. Students can join any Hungarian or other European universities after successful completion of this program. Grade 9 is mainly focused on three languages of English, German and Hungarian. Students also study biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Grade 9 students are also trained for IGCSE-1 which can lead to Cambridge qualifications.


CEFR Standards

Grade 9 is based on the introductory subjects of the Pre-High School preparatory year. Grade 9 focuses on both languages and sciences. Hungarian and English are taught to both Hungarian and international students. Languages are taught within the CEFR standards. English is the language of instruction. All subjects are taught in English except for German and Hungarian as second languages. During Grade 9, students study subjects and topics which are in accordance with the requirements of the Hungarian government, the so-called “National Framework of Syllabus”. These subjects and topics are also covering the IGCSE content. Our students upon completion of Grade 9 will have great progress in English and Hungarian. Students will be ready to take exams of IELTS, FEDE or TOEFL. This year is important for future international examinations such as A-Level and IB.

From Cambridge University

Grade 9 runs in parallel to IGCSE 1 from Cambridge University examinations. Students will follow all the requirements of Grade 9 as stipulated by the Ministry of Education of Hungary. All credits and topics and the hours of education are in accordance with the rules and regulations of Hungary and the European Union. Qualified and registered teachers with master and Ph.D. degrees teach the students. Upon successful completion of this year, students are promoted to IGCSE 2 and Grade 10. All the examinations, presence and activities of the students are monitored by the Ministry in Hungary. Extracurricular activities are organized during the year.

Up To Date Curriculum

Grade 9 students take the following subjects:

Hungarian students should study the language in more detail and learn about the rich history and literature of their mother tongue.
International students will learn Hungarian as a second language that can lead to a certificate.
English is taught based on CEFR and students will take the international Language exams at the end of Grade 9 and Grade 10. All AIC students reach to the level of native speakers in English by the time of graduation.
AIC students learn German as a second language. We start teaching the language from A1 and move on every year. Based on CEFR, students can reach to B2 level.
Mathematics is one of the main science subjects taught at AIC. Grade 9 mathematics focuses on the requirements of IGCSE 2.
World history with focus on European history is the subject matter of this course.
Biology is taught throughout the high school program at AIC. Many of our students have so far successfully been admitted to prestigious medical universities in Europe. Biological sciences (general biology, microbiology, physiology, cell and molecular biology, histology, plant biology, …) are covered during the course of studies at AIC. Our students are strong in biological sciences.
Physics is the other science which is of strong basis at AIC. To enter high ranking universities in Europe, students will need to have a strong background in physics especially those who will continue in engineering.
Hungary is famous for its music leaders and composers such as Ference Liszt and Korond Kodaly. We introduce the basics of music in this course. Those students who wish to continue and learn more in the music they can enjoy many options available in Budapest especially with “Liszt Ferenc Music Academy”.
Drama and media is part of the Grade 9 course plan. Students are introduced to the basics of this subject. Those students who are interested in art studies can later join NCUK Foundation Program at AIC which leads to an Art Stream and upon successful completion of the course they can continue their art studies at a UK or other European university.
Informatics is an important subject which covers the basics of using comfortably a computer to planning and understanding programming and engineering.
All students will have once a week a free session with their Head Teacher to discuss the current issues of the week, raise their problems and seek consultation about any academic, social, career or cultural issues that may occupy them.All students are required to participate in PE classes. Also, students are encouraged to join at least one of the sport circles as an extracurricular program supported by AIC.
All students will have once a week a free session with their Head Teacher to discuss the current issues of the week, raise their problems and seek consultation about any academic, social, career or cultural issues that may occupy them.

Those students can join Grade 9 who have successfully completed the Pre-High School year at AIC. Transfer students from other international schools are also welcome to apply. Those students who have a good background in the sciences and languages may be exempted from Pre-High School year.


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