Hungarian and international High School

Hungarian and international students can apply to study at the high school program of Avicenna International School. All students should provide the documents of at least 8 years of previous studies. Students can apply from any system with any language and science background. The Admission Department will review all the credentials of previous studies and invite all students for a test called APT (Avicenna Placement Test). The Pre-High School year is designed to intensively train students in English, Hungarian, mathematics and other subjects preparing them for a successful international and bilingual degree.

Customized For Quick Learning

High school program at AIC is based on 1 plus 4. First year is the pre-high school which is necessary for those who need training and adaptation for a successful international high school studies. Those who have a strong language and science background can skip this year and go straight to Grade 9.
Pre-high school year focuses on general English, academic English, Hungarian, mathematics and the basics of other sciences. Students will have classes everyday and minimum 5 hours per day.

Up To Date Curriculum

The main subjects of pre-high school year, among others, include the following.

Students will study English a minimum of 16 hours per week. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are all taught by our qualified English teachers. English education is based on the standards of CEFR (Common European Framework for Languages). At the time of registration, students sit for APT (Avicenna Placement Test) which exactly measures the knowledge of the student in English and sciences. Based on the result of this test, teachers can plan a reliable course of study for each individual student and monitor the progress of each student throughout the year. We start our courses from A1 and students move up to C2 in English. At specific points, students will take external English exams such as IELTS, FEDE or TOEFL.
Hungarian is taught as a second language to international students. Hungarian students will study “Hungarian Language and Literature”. Hungarian education is also based on the standards of CEFR. Our international students will learn the Hungarian language to the level which enables them to continue their university studies even in Hungarian if they decide so. Hungarian is a rich language which is very structured and in many ways unique. Our education focuses on all four language skills.
Computer knowledge is an important part of any successful high school and higher education studies. Students are taught computer skills. They are also introduced to the software and programming areas.
Mathematics, geometry, statistics and other mathematical branches are very important in the course of high school education both for those who will continue in science or business in the future. All the basic concepts of mathematics will be reviewed and taught during the pre-high school year. Mathematics education will remain a main focus during the next 4 years.
The basics of biological sciences. The branches of biology and the main concept are taught in this year which prepares the students for a strong IGCSE and A Level in biology. Students may also choose to continue in IB biology after grade 10 to earn an IB Diploma.
The physical and mental health of students are of prime importance to us. Students are encouraged to participate in sport clubs. Our school is located in “the heart of Budapest” in walking distance from the world-famous ”Ludovika Sport Complex” where our students can use the open and in-door sport facilities.

International high school program

To enroll at the international high school program of Avicenna International College students are required to have completed minimum 8 years of school in Hungary or outside of Hungary at an accredited school. In exceptional cases, students with 7 years of school records may be considered.
Those st ofudents who have had their previous studies in an international environment may be exempted from the pre-high school year and can join Grade 9.
Knowledge of English is a prerequisite for admission at AIC. Hungarian and international applicants may apply to AIC by completing the Admission Form. Qualified students can also apply for “Avicenna Scholarship and Grant Plan” at the time of application.


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