The Avicenna Christmas Fair organized by Avicenna Holding will be held from December 8 to 23 2023 coinciding with the peak of Christmas gift shopping. The primary goal of this event is to enhance the Christmas gift-buying opportunities for local residents as well as visitors from Budapest and rural areas and tourists by providing a new cultural and tourist attraction in our district.

Avicenna Holding, a distinguished organizer of exhibitions and events across Hungary and various European countries for nearly three decades, is proud to announce its opening of the Avicenna International Christmas Fair in Budapest.

This extraordinary event will feature participants from diverse nationalities, providing an exceptional platform for the presentation of their cultures and retail products to various visitors.

In addition to the unique retail offerings, visitors will have the pleasure of enjoying daily musical performances, dances, and a wide array of entertainment acts representing different nations. Furthermore, a daily raffle will add to the excitement for buyers and visitors.

We extend a warm invitation to all interested people from different nationalities who aspire to showcase their products at an international fair. This is an excellent opportunity to display and sell your products while showcasing your talents. As it is a cultural activity, and to promote such activities, we are offering the booths at the most affordable rates.

The Avicenna International Christmas Fair will be held from December 8th to 23rd, 2023.

It coincides with the Hungarian Christmas Market and is hosted at the Avicenna Holding venue, situated at Orczy ut 3-5, Budapest, Hungary.
The timing of the exhibition corresponds with the peak of the Christmas shopping season and extends until a day before Christmas to facilitate maximum retail opportunities.

Folk crafts and goods

At the Hungarian stands: felting, leatherworking, doll sewing, making a honey cradle, painting honey Jesus for children, playing of folk flutes

Sajtos Szilvia népi iparművész nemezelő alkotása

Hungarian stand: Felting work of Szilvia Sajtos folk artist

Sajtos Szilvia népi iparművész nemezelő alkotása

Hungarian stand: Felting work of Szilvia Sajtos folk artist

Sajtos Szilvia népi iparművész nemezelő alkotása

Hungarian stand: Felting work of Szilvia Sajtos folk artist

Sajtos Szilvia népi iparművész nemezelő alkotása

Hungarian stand: Felting work of Szilvia Sajtos folk artist

Sajtos Szilvia népi iparművész nemezelő alkotása

Hungarian stand: Felting work of Szilvia Sajtos folk artist

Turba Bea alkotása

Turba Bea alkotása

Bán György hangszerkészítő, népi iparművész

György Bán instrument maker, folk artist

In the history of the Hungarian people, musical instruments played by man with air (blowing, breathing) have been associated with magic, healing, and the functioning of spiritual life. The musical instruments used by the táltos and shamans helped to heal and to establish spiritual contact. The flute player plays the instrument with his breath, his breath, his soul. Thus, our inherited melody set gives us vibrations and vibrations of the life and soul of the Hungarian people, and that is how it affects us. In it lies our ancient knowledge, our wanderings, our history.

Indian stall: henna painting, sari dress knitting, Indian fashion jewelry making

Koreai booth: patchwork (Korean Cultural Centre) 

Korean booth: calligraphy – Munbangsau stands for the four treasures: brush, stick, paper, stump (Korean Cultural Centre)

Korean booth: Korean themed aquarelle painting, Kornélia Tóth (Korean Cultural Centre)

Chinese stand: calligraphy, painting with the support of ELTE Confucius Institute

Welcome to the ELTE Confucius Institute’s tent, where you can learn calligraphy! Try the magical world of Chinese ink, and if you’re less brave, ask the Institute’s staff for Christmas wishes written on authentic rice paper. The finished artwork takes just 5 minutes to dry and you can take it home as a keepsake! And this special programme is free of charge. Come and discover the beauty of calligraphy with us!

Chinese stand: Chinese tea served by the ELTE Confucius Institute

Join the ELTE Confucius Institute for an exciting journey into the magical world of Chinese tea with a free tea tasting! Explore the different types of tea, four authentic teas are waiting for you! With the help of our experienced experts, you will learn about the origins of teas, how they are made and interesting facts about Chinese culture. And this fun programme is completely free of charge, so everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of tea drinking and discover the beauty of this tradition! Come and enjoy the world of tea with us!

Jewelry for sale

Indian handmade jewelry

Indian jewelry 

Indian handmade jewelry 

Indian handmade jewelry 

Indian clothing accessory

Indian clothing accessory

OPENING TIME: Folk crafts

Korean stall:

-kalligráfia:dec.9. (15.00-18.00)

-patchworking: dec.8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 (17.00-20.00)

-aquarelle painting: dec.8,9,10(15.00-20.00) and (10.00-17.00)

-crafts: dec.8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 (17.00-20.00)

-cosmetics: dec.17-23 (full opening hours)

Hungarian stand:

-felting, tanning: dec.12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20

-stitched dolls, making a square honeycomb, felting, little jesus painting: dec.14-15-16, 18-19

-flute fair, flute playing: Dec.8-23

Chinese stall:

-Calligraphy: 8 Dec (15.00-20.00), 9-10 Dec (10.00-20.00) 

OPENING TIME: Folk goods for sale 

 Dec.8-23 (opening hours)

Indian stand:


Iranian stand:

-jewelry, carpets, home furnishings: Dec.8-23 (opening hours)

Product Catologe

Chinese stand:

-jewelry, home furnishings, dress accessories: Dec.8-23 (open from Dec.8-23)

Stage Performers of
Avicenna International Christmas Fair

Indian Classical Dance: Dr Neethu Mohan , Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi are prominent exponents of Indian classical dance style. Originally from South India, he has been living in Budapest since 2019 and has been running the ‘Natyaveda’ School of Indian Classical Dance in Budapest for the last four years.

Lion Dance: Kristóf Kövér, Taiji and Kungfu instructor of the Confucius Institute and drum accompanist for the Lion Dance, which is believed to bring good luck and purify everything

Korean Classical Dance: the Han You Hungarian-Korean Cultural and Art Foundation, led by Zsuzsanna Vargáné Esztergomi, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Contemporary Indian dance: Panni Cserepes – founder of Trigatu Indian Dance School in Budapest, contemporary Indian dance teacher, creator, organizer since 2003.

Korean modern dance, Kpop: 35-40 young K-pop dancers from the Korean Cultural Centre led by Melania Glattfelder

Transylvanian string music, Kalotaszeg and Field music: “Street music” will be played under the direction of architect and folk musician Gergely Sámsondi. Instruments: flute, kaval, cobos and cimbalom.

Indonesian dancers: the Arum Melati Indonesian Dance Group, led by dance instructor Ms. Irda Risdiarti, has a long history of dance and countless successful performances. The Indonesian and Hungarian ladies have continued their artistic studies as scholarship holders in Indonesia or at the Indonesian Embassy in Hungary.

Vietnamese classical dance: representative of Vietnamese dance art Lam Hoang supported by the former Vice President of the Vietnamese Student Association in Hungary, who led the Culture and Sports Committee, and former Head of the Talent Search Committee for Vietnam’s Got Talent in Hungary. 

Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Hungarian folk songs: The Turkic Youth Ensemble was founded in January 2023 within the framework of the Organization of Turkic States. It was the idea of János Hóvári, the former ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, who passed away at the beginning of August, to bring young people from the Turkish states living in Budapest to get to know each other and play music together. He entrusted Tímea Janurik to lead the group. Its members are both graduates and amateur musicians, united by their love of music and good friendship. Their repertoire consists mainly of folk songs and to a lesser extent works by national composers from Hungary, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to guitar and singing, the musicians play folk instruments such as the zither, dombra, komuz, baglama, darbuka, and occasionally they also perform a piano piece.

Hungarian Thai Boxing Academy: president Gábor Czinke, National Thai Boxing Champion, group and personal trainer for children and adults . He gives inspiration for self-defense, recreation, staying in motion, diligent determination for children and older athletes.

The performance of the high school students of Avicenna International College 

violin, guitar (European and Chinese), piano, drums, singers

Charles Margaret Ebube (pianist) – Grade 10

Mani Ghoujaei (violinist) és Janiah Mahdyar (guitarist) –  Grade 11

Ou Siyuan (pianist) – Grade 11

Geri Marika and Tintori Arianna (singers) – Grade 11

Pham Minh Vu (drummer)- Grade 10

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