Cambridge Assessment


Avicenna International College (AIC) is an accredited center of Cambridge Assessment in Hungary. The center provides all the internationally recognized examinations of Cambridge University. AIC students complete their studies and can take the Cambridge exams at their own college. All students should register for the relevant exams properly and in time according to the rules and requirements of Cambridge Assessment. External students are welcome to participate in the Cambridge exams.

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Vaccination and Medical Care


Vaccination and Medical Care Most universities and the Immigration Authorities require the students to provide their vaccination report as well as a health certificate issued by a medical doctor. Sometimes these documents are required at the time of university application and in other cases, it is enough if you present them at the time of registration to the university where you have been admitted. Some students have already taken all the required vaccines and they bring a detailed report which has been authentically translated to English. Others should get the vaccines in Budapest. AIC provides assistance [...]

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University of Kent – UK


University of Kent - UK University of Kent is among the best universities in the UK. This is one of the attractive destinations for those international students who complete their NCUK studies outside the UK. University of Kent has proudly earned “Teaching Excellence Framework” offered by the UK Government. This university is located among the top 500 universities in the world according to Shanghai Ranking. University of Kent is bot famous for teaching and research. University of Kent offers: Foundation Programs Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs Study Abroad Industry Opportunities European Summer Schools University of Kent provides many scholarship plans [...]

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Avicenna Placement Test (APT)


APT It is a strong tradition and strategy at AIC, regardless of the study program, that students are constantly assessed by various tests and exams or courseworks. All these assessments are directed towards providing feedbacks to the students themselves and their teachers so that they can recognize their strength as well as weak points. In this way, students and teachers can find solutions for the problems and plan for academic developments. Any gap in knowledge will be dealt with in, the right time and right manner. The assessment objectives and methods are generally unified for all subjects.  In any assessment [...]

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Avicenna Scholarship Program (ASP)


Avicenna Scholarship Program (ASP)Qualified international students can apply for the “Avicenna Scholarship Program” (ASP). These scholarships are granted based on past academic, social, and sports history. The financial need of the applicants are also considered. To receive consideration, the “Scholarship Application Form” must be filled out and submitted at the same time with the “Application for Admission” at Avicenna International College.Scholarship awards are non-transferable and must be used for the semester and for the campus for which the student is accepted. Scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum grade point average of 4 during their study, attend all the classes, exams, and [...]

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Application Form


Before joining Avicenna International College, you will sit for APT which is an online test. After APT, you may be invited for a personal interview at one of the Representative Offices of AIC in your country. If this is not possible, then you will be interviewed via Skype or Zoom. Application Form It is a strong tradition and strategy at AIC, regardless of the study program, that students are constantly assessed by various tests and exams or courseworks. All these assessments are directed towards providing feedback to the students themselves and their teachers so that they can [...]

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The Keele University – UK


The Keele University is located in North Staffordshire between Manchester and Birmingham. It is only about 90 minutes from London by rain. Keele has only one campus but it is the largest campus in the UK with about 600 acres of countryside with outstanding facilities. Keele University provides student residential facilities, wonderful library, student Union and other amenities to give the best to its students who can study and have leisure at the same place.

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Sport All students of AIC high school should participate in Physical Education classes according to their weekly schedule. Other than this all high school and foundation students can enjoy the state-of-the-art facilities of the National University of Public Service as well as the outdoor and green facilities of Orczy Park. All these facilities are just opposite to college on the other side of the street. AvicennaInternational-College-Sport.jpeg Swimming pools, running tracks, football, basketball and other facilities are available for our students. Part of these facilities can be used free-of-charge, for others entrance fees may apply. [...]

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