FEDE European Master Programs

Those who have already earned BA or BSc degree from a recognized university can apply for a professional European Master program offered by FEDE at AIC. Master programs are composed of 180 ECTS credits.

FEDE Master Degrees usually carry the following characters:

– Help graduate students to develop solid analytical and cognitive capacities,

– Help students to adopt a strategic approach at the heart of the business networks,

– Help students to gain knowledge on how to manage a team, project or structure,

– Help students to gain substantial expertise in order to build a unique competitive edge.

FEDE European Master Programs

Those who have earned their BA or BSc degree from a registered university can continue their studies at FEDE European Master Degree. This is a level 7 study program in the European Qualifications Framework. Each master program offers 120 university credits in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

FEDE European Master Programs

Management/ Organizational Strategy / Human Resources

1/ Human Resources Management
2/ Management and Business Strategy
3/ Management and Financial Strategy
4/ Regional Project Manager
5/ Sustainable Development and QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment)

Trade / Marketing / Communications / Media

1/ Communications (Advertising Strategy and Digital Communications Option)
2/ E-Business
3/ Digital Communications
4/ International Trade Management

Tourism / Hospitality / Catering / Leisure

1/ Hospitality Management
2/ urism: Management and Strategy

Transport / Logistics / Quality Assurance

1/ Logistics

Banking / Finance / Insurance / Wealth Management

1/ Property Administration
2/ International Private Banking
3/ Participatory Finance

Architecture / Urbanism / Construction / Public works

1/ Design Engineering

Environment / Natural Resources / Sustainable Development

1/ Environmental and Energy Management
2/ Operational Management for Sustainable Development

IT / Digital Tools / Technology

1/ Connected Design Strategy
2/ Cybersecurity
3/ IT Project Manager
4/ Strategy and Digital Design
5/ Video Games and Serious Games

Creative Arts / Culture / Luxury / Artisanship

1/ Art Direction and Supervision
2/ Design Management
3/ Interior Architecture: BIM Project Manager
4/ Regional Project Manager
5/ Sustainable Development and QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment)

Sport / Health / Society / Education

1/ Pharmaceutical Manager
2/ Humanitarian Project Manager
3/ Naturopathy
4/ Reikiology

Security / Law / The Public Sector / Institutions

1/ Company Lawyer (Business Law Option)

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