FEDE European Master Programs


FEDE European Master Programs Those who have already earned BA or BSc degree from a recognized university can apply for a professional European Master program offered by FEDE at AIC. Master programs are composed of 180 ECTS credits. FEDE Master Degrees usually carry the following characters: – Help graduate students to develop solid analytical and cognitive capacities, – Help students to adopt a strategic approach at the heart of the business networks, – Help students to gain knowledge on how to manage a team, project or structure, – Help students to gain substantial expertise [...]

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FEDE European Bachelor Degree Programs


FEDE European Bachelor Programs FEDE Bachelor Degree Programs are offered after the Foundation Degree. FEDE Bachelor degree generally focuses on: – Gaining and strengthening solid operational skills, – Managing a project without supervision, – Building a professional network, – Specializing in your field of interest What is a European Bachelor Programs FEDE European Bachelor Programs Those who have completed the Foundation program (120 ECTS) can continue their studies towards a FEDE European Bachelor Degree. This program is a level 6 in [...]

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FEDE European Foundation Degree Programs


FEDE European Foundation Programs FEDE Foundation Degree programs are much recognized. These are professional programs pursued after high school graduation. FEDE Foundation degree mainly focuses on: – Learning about operational skills, – Learning about the skills necessary to manage a project, – Learning and gaining access to professional networks, – Specializing in your field of interest. What is a European Foundation Programs FEDE European Foundation Degree Programs Foundation programs are the practical and theoretical programs which are designed for higher education after [...]

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DOCTORATE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION A strong and effective research institute functions within FEDE to serve as a think tank dedicated to the science of education and matters affecting professional training and emerging professions. The FEDE Research Institute aims to demonstrate that ideas that enable businesses to innovate, transform and grow inefficiency. FEDE focuses on knowledge that can serve education and employment. FEDE is dedicated to contributing to the training of brainpower that can constitute an absolute added value for the businesses of today and tomorrow. What is a DBA [...]

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