A strong and effective research institute functions within FEDE to serve as a think tank dedicated to the science of education and matters affecting professional training and emerging professions.

The FEDE Research Institute aims to demonstrate that ideas that enable businesses to innovate, transform and grow inefficiency. FEDE focuses on knowledge that can serve education and employment. FEDE is dedicated to contributing to the training of brainpower that can constitute an absolute added value for the businesses of today and tomorrow.

What is a DBA?

The DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) is a doctoral program that takes about three years to complete. DBA is designed for managers, consultants, experienced lecturers or community leaders. DBA degree enhances the efficacy of your career life by engaging you in research work.

DBA offered by FEDE at AIC is geared to provide these professionals with a forum for generating ideas, engaging in scientific analysis and for adopting an academic frame of reference in order to optimize corporate management, mitigate decision-making risks, maintain an innovative edge, and devise effective and responsible strategies.

By earning a DBA degree you get involved in a new rigorous mindset. During the course of study and research, you learn to think outside the box and structure management models. DBA at FEDE is practice-based (rather than trends) which implies you can take a step back from events, acquire new authority perceptible by your colleagues, and become a “resourceful staff member” in terms of resolving problems affecting your company.

DBA is designed as a part-time program so as to meet professional constraints, the DBA diplomas are research/action programs that are compatible with any active career.


1/ DBA in Trends division (Luxury)
2/ DBA in Trends division (Design)
3/ DBA in Trends division (Culture)
4/ DBA in Trends division (Tourism)

5/ DBA in Innovation division (Sustainable Health)
6/ DBA in Innovation division (Computer Technologies)
7/ DBA in Innovation division (Technology)

8/ DBA in Governance division (Management)
9/ DBA in Governance division (Finance)
10/ DBA in Governance division (Banking)
11/ DBA in Governance division (Marketing)
12/ DBA in Governance division (Human Resources)

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