FEDE European Foundation Programs

FEDE Foundation Degree programs are much recognized. These are professional programs pursued after high school graduation.

FEDE Foundation degree mainly focuses on:

– Learning about operational skills,

– Learning about the skills necessary to manage a project,

– Learning and gaining access to professional networks,

– Specializing in your field of interest.

FEDE European Foundation Degree Programs

Foundation programs are the practical and theoretical programs which are designed for higher education after high school studies. These foundation programs prepare students for work at European markets such as in tourism and hospitality.

Foundation programs also prepare international students for further studies in European universities for BA and BSc degrees.

FEDE foundation degree programs are equal to level 5 of the European Qualifications Framework. Each foundation program contains minimum of 120 credits in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

FEDE European Foundation Degree Programs

Management/ Organizational Strategy / Human Resources

1/ Human Resources Assistant
2/ Payroll Administrator
3/ SME Administrative Assistant

Trade / Marketing / Communications / Media

1/ Communications Assistant
2/ Digital Journalism
3/ Marketing Assistant
4/ Sales Techniques

Tourism / Hospitality / Catering / Leisure

1/ Tourism and Hospitality

Security / Law / The Public Sector / Institutions

1/ Legal Assistant

Environment / Natural Resources / Sustainable Development

1/ Environment: Administration and Awareness-Raising

IT / Digital Tools / Technology

1/ Audio Engineering Broadcasting
2/ eSports Organiser
3/ Video Games and Serious Games

Creative Arts / Culture / Luxury / Artisanship

1/ Art and Performance (preparatory course)
2/ Gemmology
3/ Interior Designer
4/ Jewellery
5/ Landscape Designer

Nature / Agriculture / Elevage

1/ Equine Business Management

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