Residence Permit

When you apply to AIC and after you have been admitted and you take all the steps, we support your application for a Hungarian Schengen residence permit. When you get the visa at the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate, it means that your residence permit has been accepted and upon arrival, you will get a residence permit for usually one year, although the validity of the residence permit may vary and it absolutely depends on the decision of the Immigration Authorities.

When you arrive in Budapest you will come to AIC and start your registration process. In this process, you will be given the necessary documents necessary for the Immigration Authorities. We will assist you to collect your Residence Permit Card from the Immigration Authorities. You should take extra care not to lose this card. You can leave the country and re-enter Hungary during the validity of this residence card. Also, you can visit any Schengen country with this residence permit and your passport together.