Schengen Visa

Avicenna International College is located in the Schengen area. Students from EU countries and the countries where a visa is not required, can enter Hungary and register at AIC. These students will then be introduced to the Immigration Authority in Budapest.

Students from outside Schengen countries should apply for a Hungarian Schengen visa before joining AIC for studies. 

schengen visa stamp in passport

schengen visa stamp in passport

After you have completed all the steps stated in the “Admission Letter”, we will provide you with “AIC-02 Form” which states you have completed all the required steps. This form contains two copies. The first copy is for the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate in your country. You will give that copy to the consular department together with the other required documents. The second copy is for you. Keep this copy and you may be required to show it at the border when you enter Hungary, so always keep this copy in your carry-on bag.

You can find useful information on conditions of entry, visa agreements, consular fees, and legal regulations with respect to Hungarian Schengen visa on the website of the Hungarian Government. (