At Avicenna International College, there are excellent language teachers who are eager to help you develop your language skills to reach high levels. Another advantage is the small-sized classes which made it easier for me to study every subject. The teachers are very helpful and try to adjust to the level of each student.
Studying at Avicenna International College has broadened my horizon to various opportunities in life. Teachers are professionals and will not only teach you the subject but also show you the way you can use it in your everyday life. I firmly recommend this school if you desire to gain the required knowledge to get into the best universities and if you like to be in an international environment where you can meet friends from all across the world.
My first day at Avicenna International College was a very memorable experience. I joined the school a month late, but with the help of the teachers, I could quickly catch-up with my classmates. The first day as a new student made me feel nervous since everyone already knew each other, but I was treated well by my classmates, and when I got to know my teachers it turned out to be a very good memory for me. I must say that I thought it was going to be difficult to attend an international school, but with the immense help of my teachers and the support of my classmates, I changed my point of view. I thank all of them and thank Avicenna International College.
Armin Atashak
Avicenna International College is one of the most outstanding schools due to its sciences and foreign language subjects. Here, teachers are much better than anywhere else that I have been before, and they make your day a lot easier with their kindness and helpfulness by treating students like friends.
At Avicenna International College, each student gets enough attention. It feels like a second home. Teachers always try to help us and search for solutions to our problems.
At Avicenna International College, classes are small-sized which makes it easier to study. The teachers are very kind and helpful and we can learn every subject in English.
At Avicenna International College, the teachers are very good, kind, and helpful, and my classmates are also very friendly.
Mimi Shen
My mathematics improved drastically due to the constant help that I received from my maths teacher during two years. Without this help, I could not have solved all the questions in the final exam.
I like the classes being small-sized which makes it feel like a family and the teachers can take better care of each student.
The teachers at Avicenna International College are great. They are very helpful and try to bring the best out of every student. The English language classes are great where even C1 level is achievable. The students have great respect and are friendly with each other.
Avicenna International College is at the heart of Budapest and all the teachers are very good and helpful. We learn in small classes which makes all the difference.

The number of students per class is small at Avicenna International College, so the teachers could pay attention to every student and provide the needed help.

Avicenna International College is a very good school which puts strong emphasis on languages where teachers, as well as students, are very nice. There are professional teachers and the classes are interactive. The food is tasty.
Thanks to Avicenna International College for providing English education system. It made my studies easier in Hungary especially that I am not a native Hungarian speaker.

I want to thank all my teachers at Avicenna International College who have always been there to support us which I appreciate so much.

I was not sure when my parents chose Avicenna International College for me, but it turned out to be a very good choice because I could study in an international environment where teachers are highly qualified.
Avicenna International College has a very good location in Budapest and there are professional teachers.

All of the teachers at Avicenna International College are friendly, caring, and helpful. They try to give us all the knowledge that is possible.