University Admission and Entrance Exams and Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Students, Dear Parents,

We are experiencing the Extraordinary conditions due to Coronavirus pandemics. Avicenna International College canceled its classes two weeks earlier than the order of the Hungarian Education Authority (OH) to close the schools, universities, and colleges. However, I am happy that thanks to the hard work of my colleagues we immediately started with online education and we will further develop this service in the future.

The Student Center of AIC will remain functional and will provide services to our students and other external students to apply for universities. However, these services are now online, via phone, videoconference, and email. We will continue with our meetings (virtual), consultations (online) and registration for the university entrance examinations. My colleagues are working really hard to make sure that you can register at the university of your choice and fulfill all their requirements.

However, no one can foresee when and how this epidemic in Hungary and the neighboring countries will come under control. We do not know when the conditions will return to normal. The borders are closed now. Travels are restricted. Universities are closed. It is possible that one or more entrance exams are postponed or canceled (it happened in Italy and Spain recently). There might be an exam on time, for example in Slovakia, but you may not be able to travel there. There are many factors and questions which cannot be answered by my colleagues at this time. You ask these questions, but unfortunately, the universities cannot answer them at this time. We cannot answer either.

Therefore, we do our best to help you with your university admission and exam registration, but AIC cannot take any responsibility for sudden changes, cancellations, modifications of schedules, restrictions in travels, denial of admission, denial of refund by the universities, or any other actions which are not in the capacity and power of Avicenna International College.

Students should consult with their parents again and make the best decision that is suitable for them. Students should be active in registration which will happen from their home instead of the computer room of college with the online help of my colleagues at the Student Center.

We will keep you informed about the next steps and the details of the programs. You should check your Avicenna email and the website every day.

I wish you all the best. Remain at home and take good care of yourself.
Together we defeat Coronavirus.

Budapest, 16/03/2020


Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini
Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

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