NCUK – IFY Engineering Stream is an Excellent Program

Engineering related fields of study are very specific in the modern UK and European universities. NCUK – IFY Engineering Stream is an excellent program for those who would like to continue their studies in engineering/physics/computer science-related fields in an English speaking environment especially in the UK. Our successful students are guaranteed admission to any of the designated Partner universities of NCUK.

IFY – Engineering Stream is a special program of NCUK-AIC which offers a unique opportunity to international students who wish to continue their studies in any field related to Engineering with the core modules of Physics and Mathematics designed specifically for engineering orientation. Students bring their past art experiences to AIC and develop their portfolios with the assistance of our experienced teachers and university professors from Engineering universities.

During the course of IFY – Engineering Stream students will follow the program advised by NCUK and taught by the expert faculty of AIC. Students will prepare their own art portfolio under the supervision of college professors from nearby Technical and Engineering universities. The NCUK IFY is assessed 30% by Coursework and 70% by examination. All assessments are set and moderated by NCUK.
Students of IFY – Engineering Stream completes the following modules:

In the Physics module the basic phenomena of nature are discussed from classical physics to introductory modern physics. A-level knowledge of Mechanics, Kinematics, Thermodynamics, and Electromagnetism will be acquired and required for the completion of the course.
Basic mathematics knowledge is required for every science education, however a tailor-made module for the relevant subjects in engineering are the basis of this course.

Higher level mathematics builds onto the basic mathematics module with special emphasis on advanced mathematical concepts of complex analysis, linear algebra, and introductory computer science.

English is the language of instruction and science. All our students are expected to have achieved a good level of general English before they join IFY. During the course of IFY, students will be trained in academic English which will be later used at the university.

International and Hungarian students are welcome to apply to study IFY – Engineering Stream at Avicenna International College. Applicants must hold a valid high school diploma. A-Level and IB graduates are encouraged to apply for the Avicenna Scholarship Program when they plan to prepare for any NCUK universities at AIC.


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