International Foundation Year (IFY) – NCUK : Science Stream


NCUK is a worldwide recognized consortium of leading UK universities which provides high ranking educational services for the UK and international students to prepare themselves for the UK and other universities. The International Foundation Year (NCUK - IFY) is designed for international students to guarantee entry to a partner university and provide the skills needed for successful studies at year 1 and 2. The program is taught over one year and is assessed via internal and external examinations and coursework. A strong Academic English module (EAP) is built in this Foundation Program. As well as providing strong science and English skills and required international academic qualifications for studying in the UK and other universities (USA, Australia), the IFY gives you cultural awareness and teaches you how to learn in a western environment.

International Foundation Year (IFY) – NCUK : Business Stream


NCUK - IFY Business Stream is an excellent Foundation Year program which prepares AIC students for guaranteed admission to a Partner UK university or studies at any other prestigious university in Europe, Australia or the USA. Students will receive a strong education in general and academic English during this one year course. Special subjects related to their future university studies will also be provided. Semifinal and final exams are organized by NCUK. Successful students will earn a highly valuable certificate of NCUK.

International Foundation Year (IFY) – NCUK : Art Stream


Art related fields of study are very specific in the modern UK and European universities. NCUK - IFY Art Stream is an excellent program for those who would like to continue their studies in art in an English environment especially in the UK. Our successful students are guaranteed admission to any of the designated Partner universities of NCUK in the UK.