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NCUK is a worldwide recognized consortium of leading UK universities which provides high ranking educational services for the UK and international students to prepare themselves for the UK and other universities. The International Foundation Year (NCUK – IFY) is designed for international students to guarantee entry to a partner university and provide the skills needed for successful studies at year 1 and 2. The program is taught over one year and is assessed via internal and external examinations and coursework. A strong Academic English module (EAP) is built in this Foundation Program. 

As well as providing strong science and English skills and required international academic qualifications for studying in the UK and other universities (USA, Canada, Australia, ), the IFY gives you cultural awareness and teaches you how to learn in a western environment.

NCUK Universities

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Secure Pathway to World-Famous Universities

By completing the International Foundation Year (IFY) of NCUK in Science Stream, students will be able to continue their studies in one of the NCUK universities in England, Northern Ireland, USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

Students usually take biology, mathematics, and physics as their science credits. General and academic English is also taught during this one-year intensive program. IFY-Science is a secure pathway to world-famous universities in the UK. 

If a student completes IFY-Science program successfully and with high grades, then some of the UK universities GUARANTEE the admission of students to their university. These are called the “G” group of universities.

Prepares International Students

IFY – Science Stream is a one year course which prepares international students for university studies in the UK or any other European university. During the course of study, each student should complete some internal assessments which are provided by AIC. At the end of each semester students will sit for a semester exam which is organized by NCUK. Students should attend classes and prepare research reports. All students will participate in WPT (Weekly Progress Test).

Up To Date Curriculum

The following subjects are offered for IFY – Science Stream:

Cell and molecular biology, genetics, physiology, histology, anatomy and immunology are the subjects covered under the title of BIOLOGY.
This credit prepares students for medical, pharmaceutical and other science majors.
All subjects of mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics and molecular physics are discussed in this credit. Physics is taught at university level preparing students for the first year science majors in any UK university.
All aspects of mathematics including algebra, statistics and geometry are taught in this credit.
General chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and biochemistry are taught under the title of chemistry. This credit prepares students for medical and science oriented majors at any UK or other European university.
English is the language of instruction and science. All our students are expected to have achieved a good level of general English before they join IFY. During the course of IFY, students will be trained in academic English which will be later used at the university.

International and Hungarian students are welcome to apply to study IFY – Science Stream at Avicenna International College. Applicants must hold a valid high school diploma. A Level and IB graduates are encouraged to apply for Avicenna Scholarship Plan when they plan to prepare for any NCUK universities at AIC.


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