The Student Handbook provides general information and guidance you may need to help you to make the most of the opportunities on offer at the Avicenna International College. It also gives you formal notification and explanation of the College’s codes, books, regulations, policies, and procedures. The purpose of a Handbook is to introduce you to your programme of study and to direct you to other general information about studying at AIC.

Regardless of whether you are a high school or post-secondary student, or are 15 or 35, all students are held to the same values and expectations. The Student Handbook and the Code of Conduct have been designed to empower students while holding them accountable. Any community must have a set of guiding values; this Handbook is meant to serve as a guide not only for our students but also for faculty, staff, and administrators to ensure that all members of our community, including faculty and staff, are informed about policies, procedures, rights, and privileges.
We encourage all students to review the information in the Student Handbook to not only know what is expected of them as members of the Avicenna International College community but also to know their rights. The Student Handbook also contains helpful information, guides.

The material in this document is as accurate as possible at the date of production; however, you will be informed of any major changes in a timely manner.
If, after reading through this Handbook, you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Center through

Avicenna International College

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