Ice skating can be a great way to enjoy the winter season.

Ice skating is a popular winter activity with both children and adults. What a great way to spend a chilly morning or afternoon! Some of our students with experience in ice skating enjoyed the activity, gliding gracefully on the ice; but our Physical Education and Sport teacher helped those students with no prior experience to get a hang of this sport.

It is not easy ice skating for the first time; it will take a while to get there. This classic pastime is full of thrills and chills. As a first time skater, you might be eager to jump in, but it’s best to take your time. With a little patience and learning the basics, you can ensure that your time on the ice will be a breeze and you’ll be sure to repeat.

After we had eaten our sandwiches we moved on to a 20 mins trip to a Lookout Tower where a lovely meadow gave us the opportunity for playing games, or badminton or football or just sing and dance. At the end of 30 mins. walk in a lovely forest we passed Solomon tower, built as a part of a double fortification system after the Mongolian invasion. To fetch our ferry back we walked along the promenade of the Danube in the gentle afternoon sunshine. Luckily the next connection with the train gave us opportunity to treat ourselves again on one of the terraces of the eateries on the riverbank. The double-decker train returned with the tired but very cheerful AIC students at the Western Railway Station at around 8 pm.

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