For Hungarian and International High School Students

AIC Summer Camp Program is a supervised program for students between the age of 13-17 from Hungary and outside Hungary, (European and non-European countries). This camp is designed for 20 busy and enjoyable days during summer 2023.

02 – 23 July, 2023 (program starts on the 3rd)

July 31 – August 21, 2023 (program starts on 1st of August)   

Students participating in this summer camp will:

  • Learn and practice English,
  • Learn and practice Sciences (Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry),
  • Participate in sport activities (tennis, swimming or running),
  • Participate in fun cultural activities in Budapest with other students,
  • Participate in one-day trips and excursions out of Budapest at weekends.

AIC provides:

  • Education and classes,
  • Accommodation, 
  • Catering facilities (breakfast, lunch, dinner),
  • Social programs,
  • Sport programs.

Experience a wonderful summer in the heart of Budapest
“home away from home”

Detailed program:

In the morning

On weekdays, after having breakfast between 7.30-8.00 students can opt to play tennis or go swimming or running in the nearby Elizabeth Park, which is a few stops by bus or commuter train from the Cinkota Residence. These sport activities last 90 minutes between 9.00-10.30.

We have taken into account the typical summer weather conditions in Hungary. Accordingly, after sport activities during the cooler period of the day in the mornings, the hottest hours around noon are spent at the AIC campus, located not far from the hub of the capital.

Around noon

The first lesson (English or Science) will start at 11.30 followed by lunch at 12.30 and continued by the second lesson (English or Science) from 13.30. (see in the table below). The days of English lessons will alternate those with Science lessons and the proportion of these lessons will be equal whithin the 20 days.

In the afternoon

Students will depart from the premises of AIC to start their city tours and have cultural programs every weekday. They see different tourist attractions and have fun in spas, hills, lakes, parks or interactive science centers or go shopping in Budapest from 14.30. (see in the table below).

These varied afternoon programs are led by a tour guide and a tour leader. These programs end before 20.00 when the dinner is served at the Cinkota Residence.

In the evenings

Optional activities like watching movies, playing games or reading will entertain the camp members in the charming inn or the lounge of Cinkota Residence before bedtime at 22:00. Sometimes this routine is broken by evening city tours or cultural programs (see in the table below).13

How to apply for AIC Summer Camp Program 2023

The Admission Department helps Hungarian and international students with the official procedures of admission. Required documents and necessary information can be found on the online application form. Applicants should fill in the Application Form, signed by parents and applicants and send it to the Admission Department online or via email (admission @ The Admission Department will soon get in touch with the applicant to either finalize the admission or to invite them to a personal or skype meeting. The meeting is usually arranged with the applicant, his/her parents, and the authorities of AIC to answer the questions and to provide a chance for the applicant to better introduce himself/herself.

AIC Summer Camp FAQ

1. The registration link to the SC is here:
The deadline for the registration of Summer Camp between 2-23 July 2023 is June 20. 2023.  As you will need a visa, the sooner the better. Please talk to your school principal about it.

2. Airplane ticket fare is not included in the 1900 Euro participation fee.

3. Buying the Airplane tickets is primarily the responsibility of each parent, and you can also ask for assistance from the office in Avicenna in Tehran. The school in Tehran is our partner. They will take all the responsibility.

4. The accompanying teacher from Tehran, who is designated by Dr. Poursafar, is accompanying the students. We offer them ONE teacher FREE OF CHARGE to accompany the students to Budapest and back.

5. Students can choose their roommate. One room is for two students (girls and boys separate).
6. Our colleagues will help ALL students to buy a sim card on arrival in Budapest. They will have free WiFi at the hotel and college.

7. Cinkota Residence offers a once a week laundry service. The laundry is collected on Friday and cleaned.

8. Children will always be accompanied by a tour leader. They will never travel by themselves between the hotel and summer school or in other parts of the city.

9. In case of emergency there is an appointed person who is responsible for making necessary arrangements including the information of the parents.

10.It is your right to have your child come back home at any time. This can be an emergency or otherwise. You will write a written request and we will manage the next available flight back to Tehran.

11. The financial documents of the student’s parents for the visa are asked by the Embassy and not by us. They usually ask for the past 3-6 months bank account turnover and balance. Once you register and we get to the visa issue, our colleagues at the Admission Department and our office in Tehran will help you.

12. If your child has a tennis racket, it is favorable, but not necessary if they can bring it with themselves.

13. You can submit your registration while your child’s passport is being issued. But please note that you have to send us a scanned copy of the travel document as soon as it is issued, otherwise the visa process might be delayes, for which AIC holds no liability.

14. If your child already has EU residence permit or a Schengen visa, then the visa procedure is not necessary, however the fee of the Summer Camp is still applicable in full. (THIS NEED APPROVAL OF THE PRESIDENT)
15. If your child has health insurance from outside Hungary we strongly recommend that you still opt in for the option of our insurance as well.

AIC is committed to maintain an educational, supportive and caring international environment in Budapest for young students from all over the world with lifetime memories and friendships while engaging in challenging sport activities, educational experiences or exploring different cultures. At the end of the program, the students receive a certificate of participation.

For more information, please download the AIC Summer Camp Brochure.

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