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Since 1987, NCUK has placed over 30,000 international students on to a wide range of university degree courses an achievement which NCUK is extremely proud of! NCUK Universities NCUK (https://www.ncuk.ac.uk) is your best route to a highly prestigious university in the UK and other countries. NCUK is an organization in the UK which is trusted by many British and UK universities to deliver International Foundation Year and International Year One programs, as well as PreMaster Program. Since 1987, NCUK has helped over 30,000 international students who have successfully joined in different university degree programs https://www.ncuk.ac.uk/choose-ncuk/ .  NCUK [...]

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Adelphi University – USA


Adelphi University - USA Adelphi University is a well-known US university located in New York. Adelphi University provides a wide range of courses from science to humanities, social sciences and Business. University serves over seven thousand students from different parts of the world. Adelphi University is located on a beautiful ground and welcomes graduates of NCUK course at Avicenna International College

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Aston University – UK


Aston University - UK Aston University is located in Birmingham, the UK. There are five schools functioning in this university which includes Aston Business School, Aston Medical School, Aston School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Life and Health Sciences and School of Languages and Social Sciences.  The Business School at Aston hold “triple accreditation”.

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The University of Auckland – New Zealand


The University of Auckland - New Zealand The University of Auckland is located in the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand. It gives home to over 42000 students of which over 7000 come from outside New Zealand. This university has five campuses and eight faculties. The University of Auckland is a member of “Association of PAcific Rim Universities”, “Universitas 21” and “Worldwide Universities Network”.

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University of Birmingham – UK


University of Birmingham - UK Birmingham University is one of the leading universities in the UK and Europe. For the first time heart pacemaker and heart plastic valves were developed at this university. Vitamin C was also artificially synthesized at Birmingham University. Avicenna International College students can complete any of the NCUK Foundation Year programs and continue their studies at Birmingham University.

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University of Bradford – UK


University of Bradford - UK University of Bradford is especially famous for its School of Business. It has a triple accreditation of EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB. University of Bradford is a pioneer in developing new programs to address the needs of the society and the employers. Avicenna International College graduate students are welcome to join the University of Bradford.

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University of Bristol – UK


University of Bristol - UK University of Bristol is ranked among the top 60 best universities in the world. According to QS university ranking, the University of Bristol is among the top 10 universities in the UK. University of Bristol has six academic faculties including Engineering, Science, Life sciences, Health, Art, Social Sciences and Law.

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Brunel University London – UK


Brunel University London - UK Brunel is a complex university with a great atmosphere for international students. Successful graduates of Avicenna NCUK Foundation Programs can study in one of the 32 subject areas and more than 220-module based undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Brunel University London. At this university, theory and practice are equally emphasized and the graduates of the university can find some of the best job positions around the world. Brunel is the only campus university in London and students can easily access everything that they might need. There are over 4500 rooms on campus, a 24 [...]

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California State University (CSUMB) – USA


California State University (CSUMB) - USA California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) is located in the center of California coastline in Monterey. About 8000 students enjoy the great educational facilities of this university and at the same time can enjoy the fabulous nature surrounding the campus including beaches, forests and mountain ranges. CSUMB is a comprehensive university. The graduates of Avicenna Foundation Programs can choose among 23 BS, 7 MS and multiple certificate programs to study in one of the best American universities. CSUMB is especially famous for its programs in Marine Sciences, Cinematic Arts, Hospitality Management, Global Studies [...]

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Cardiff University – UK


Cardiff University - UK Cardiff University is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world (Academic ranking of World Universities, 2017). Over 7500 international students from all over the world are enrolled at Cardiff University. There are 24 leading, elite universities in Britain which make the famous “Russell Group”. Cardiff University is proudly a member of Russell Group. Cardiff University is the 5th top research university in the UK and among the world's 50 most elite universities. The employment rate of Cardiff University graduates is astonishingly high up to 95% (HESA 2015/16). The International Foundation Year Program at [...]

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