The Avicenna International College-India Office, Mr Virat Kumar & Ms Kritika, represented the college at the Education Fair event at Surrey Immigration Consultants, Ludhiana. The event took place at the Surrey Immigration Consultants Head Office. It took place on October 31 and November 01 along with intensive meetings and discussions with potential students and their respective parents from all over the Punjab and other places. AIC attracted a lot of attention, all thanks to its special approach and unique programs such as dual high school degrees, NCUK, MFP streams & FEDE Programs. During these 2 days’ events, over 30 potential students and their respective parents met AIC India office staff and gained immense knowledge on our program and cleared their apprehensions regarding their study in Budapest, Hungary.

Some potential students were also offered special programs and packages, who got good academic marks and were encouraged to enrol with us. Further on 02.11.2022, there was a special training session conducted for the entire staff of Surrey Immigration Consultants (All Offices), so that they can market our unique products aggressively which can help students to choose the stable and right career path for themselves and can excel in their life.

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