The Federation of Education in Europe held its annual General Assembly in Milan from April 04, 2023.
Representations from different countries and educational institutions participated in the event.

Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini, the President of Avicenna International College, participated in this prestigious event and presented the institution.

After reading the reports about FEDE activities in 2022 by the Secretary General and the Treasurer, the candidates for the positions available at FEDE gave their speeches. Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini was also nominated for the membership in the leadership of FEDE. School members gave their confidential ballots. We are proud to announce that AIC president, Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini was elected as a member of the Steering Committee of FEDE for the next four years. In his speech, Dr. MirzaHosseini mentioned the new horizons that Avicenna wishes to bring to FEDE by developing the networking of educational institutions and internationalization of education for the benefit of more and more international students.

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