I had a dream same as every other kid. I wanted to make it into the National team of Hungary. It was a big goal for me that I wanted to achieve no matter what. I started training in 2022 in a local gym where the trainers saw me and told me that I should try powerlifting competitively. After thinking about it I took my chances and I joined my current team Sirius Lifting. I started working together with a coach as soon as possible to be able to compete in November.

We had an amazing preparation for the competition and I made it to my first competition in November which was a National qualification competition. At that competition I became second and by that I qualified to National championship. The preparation was hard. I had lots of pressure from school and my Team even with these difficulties I didn’t give up and continued working.

In april I had the most challanges we had an Erasmus trip to Italy with Mr.Steve. Thanks to him I was able to continue training there also. After the trip we had ramadan so i had to change my routine completely. From training at 2pm to training at 1 am. It was a real challenge. After 3 weeks i was able to go back to the normal routine and i had 10 days left until the Competition. Unfortunately though 2 weeks before competition i got injured and i tried to heal as fast as possible. The day finally came it was time to show what i have worked for. Even with an injury I managed to get 3rd place on nationals which was my first step to make my dream come true. 10 days later I got notified that I made it into the National team and that its time to start preparing for THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. I was stunned and happy at the same time. My world championship started with lots of motivation. I started a strict diet and working hard. Everything was going well until the last 4 weeks came, I slipped and dislocated my knee. It was very bad i was barely able to walk for 1 week.

I can’t even tell you what an amazing experience it was. Being among the best powerlifters in the world is a title that comes with its responsibilities. A responsibility that was given to me from Hungarian powerlifting federation . Representing Hungary on such level was my dream a dream that came true, thanks to my teammates my coach my family and my hard work. It was my first international competition and most certainly not the last. I hope to inspire people in the future with my story that no matter the circumstances it is up to you whether you become great or not.

After a short rehab i went back to training even though I wasn’t fully recovered yet. 2023 September first came by very fast. That was the day of my competition. I did my weight in and started doing the warm up. Than the competition started. The adrenaline kicked in i was somewhat nervous, with some knee pain I managed to pull through and get 17th place. As it is my first year competing I think it is an acceptable ranking. The atmosphere there is amazing being around people who share the same passion as you.

Article by Saleh Hamami

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