Avicenna International College Hungarian-English Bilingual High School held the Graduation Ceremony of the 2022–2023 academic year on the afternoon of May 4th. During this event the school bids farewell to the graduating high schoolers, and the graduates thank the teachers, staff and school mates for all the joyous memories they shared together.

Before the ceremony the students decorated the whole building with balloons and flowers and beautiful drawings.The ceremony began by sounding the school bell. At the sound of the bell Grade 12 students started walking down the decorated building singing with the classmaster, Mr. Steve Szabó and with the vice classmaster, Andrea Juhász. The students of Avicenna formed a line in the corridors with the parents and friends of the graduates while observing the graduates. The students, all in elegant attire, received their traditional Graduation haversack. Contents of the Graduation haversack are: a small piece of land, which symbolized the land of the school, a picture of the school building, a small packet of salt and one coin, which one needs for a successful life, and one pogácsa as a treat. During the march the students received flowers from their relatives and friends.

After the march the ceremony was held in the big auditorium of room 209. All AIC students and guests sat together in this newly renovated room. First, Dr. Shahrokh Mirzahosseini, the President of Avicenna made an opening speech. He talked about the huge function of the education in the development of the whole world. The message of the President was, that only education can make connections between very different cultures, religions, and human beings.
After the opening speech came the student presentations. First Saleh Hamami from grade 11, the vice principal of the student council gave his speech: “Regardless I hope you will succeed in every aspect of your life and achieve all your goals. This is the end of your journey here but another one starts soon. Thank you guys for the memories hope we will stay connected in the future.” After this speech another student of grade 11, Huang Yuquan recited a Chinese poem for the graduates.

The farewell speech was presented by graduate Vo Anh Duong, in the name of all grade 12 students. She said at the end of her speech: “I wish all the best to my dear fourteen classmates, thank you for being a part of this class. And again a huge thanks to everyone who has been supporting us!”

The last speaker was the Principal of the Graduation Ceremony of Avicenna International College Hungarian-English Bilingual High School, who was also the class master of the grade 12. He congratulated all of the grade 12 students who did their best in the high school.

Some of our students now applied the universities, Mr. Steve said with pride in a congratulatory way. He wished good luck to everyone for the matriculation exams which started the next week.

After the Principal’s speech every graduate received a certificate from the President of Avicenna, Dr. Shahrokh Mirzahosseini and from Mr. Steve Szabó.

At the end of our ceremony the graduating students walked together into the garden and released their balloons ever higher, which symbolize their future. 

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