Fundamentals of Successful Interview

When you apply for a job position at a company or when you apply for a degree program at a university, you are usually invited for a personal interview. The interviewer will try to get more information about you to be able to decide whether or not you can be admitted to their institution. It is the responsibility of the interviewee to present himself/herself in the best way so that the necessary message and information are communicated. There are skills and strategies that every student of job applicant needs to know and employ to have a good interview. The first unit of Interview Skills and Strategies is Fundamentals of Successful Interview and Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts will talk to you about to properly manage an interview. This session will be held on Sunday the 23rd of February 2020 at 10 am. To attend you should fill the registration form and submit it online. Please note this course is for all AIC present and past students.

Date and Time: Sunday 23rd of February at 10:00 am.

Location: Avicenna International College – Semmelweis room (209)

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