The “Avicenna Mentor-Ambassador” policy is an initiative to engage the past and present students and teachers of AIC as well as the students and teachers of other schools, colleges, and universities to engage in the recruitment, consultation, education, and mentor activities of AIC in their free time. These activities are not considered full-time positions and will not adversely affect the studies or other major responsibilities of the students and teachers.

AIC will provide up-to-date information to AMA about its education, admission, examinations, student services and all other relevant information to assist the activities of AMA.

AIC will pay AMA 10,000 HUF every month, for 12 months, as salary for each student under the mentorship of AMA.

An Initiative For High School, College, and University Students and Teachers To Engage in Recruitment, Consultation, Educational, and Mentor Activities.

  • Students, teachers and others interested in education can apply to this project.

  • AIC trains Hungarian and international students for future studies at the best European and other international universities.

  • Avicenna Mentor-Ambassador project aims to create an environment of direct engagement between members of AMA and the newly admitted students.

AMA Activity example AMA will assist the potential AIC students in:

  • Getting settled in Budapest (finding main points of interest in the city, transportation, public places, libraries).
  • Facilitate their learning process by setting an example and giving tips on how to study.
  • Help with university applications.

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