NCUK Get Ready for your Future

Get Ready for Your Future with NCUK and meet with over 35
universities from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada,
and the USA.

This interactive online fair features 8 live sessions to help you gain a wider understanding of the highly skilled careers of the future and the skillsets that employers seek worldwide.

The event will take place through an online events platform and will be themed ‘Get Ready for Your Future’, providing students with the opportunity to visit university booths to download marketing materials, watch videos, chat with university staff, as well as having the option to attend a range of live future-themed sessions throughout the day.

This event will serve as a great opportunity for current and prospective students to speak with all participating universities about their desired courses and options.

Why attend the NCUK University Global Fair?

  • Meet with over 35 universities from around the world
  • Chat to university staff
  • Watch live sessions to find your ideal degree course and subject area
  • Download exclusive materials
  • The event is FREE to attend

By studying with NCUK, students can access a wide array of degree courses at NCUK Universities all over the world that will help them succeed in their future careers as they become experts in increasingly demanded key areas.

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