Step 3 of Policy Against Coronavirus

Dear AIC Students and Parents,

In accordance with the prevailing public health rules and regulations, I have decided to cancel the classes at the college campus until the end of March 2020. We will continually review the conditions and in cooperation with the Health Authorities and Education Authority will bring the best decision that protects the health and safety of all members.

Meantime, I am happy to announce that our classes will continue online. Our dedicated teachers will continue teaching and you are able to follow the classes from your home. Exams and tests will be organized online. My colleagues at the ICT Department and the Student Center are doing a great job which has been number one and pioneer in the whole of Hungary.

I thank all my colleagues, the teachers and the students for their great job and cooperation.

Together we defeat Corona.

With my best wishes.

Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini


Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

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