The following is taken from the website of the Hungarian Embassy in Tehran:

To the attention of Iranian students in Hungary

The Hungarian Embassy would like to call your attention to some relevant points of Government Decree 408/2020. (VIII.30.) on travel restrictions to Hungary during the State of Pandemic Preparedness. This Decree enters into force on 1 September 2020.

The new regulation is based on Government Decree 341/2020, many provisions of which are still applicable.

General measures

These measures apply to border crossings with ordinary passports, or any other ordinary travel documents for non-official purposes.

The following categories of travellers are treated on an equal basis with Hungarian citizens:

  1. those who have the right to reside permanently in Hungary, their family members, if the family relationship is certified with an official document;
  2. those who have permission to stay in the territory of Hungary for more than 90 days and can prove that at the time of entry.

Non-Hungarian citizens are generally not allowed to enter Hungary but in a few exceptional cases. Students have permission to stay for more than 90 days, therefore they can enter the country and are treated on an equal basis with Hungarian citizens when entering Hungary.

Two new requirements:

– The higher education institute shall issue a certificate to a non- Hungarian student for the purpose of entry to Hungary;

– Once having crossed the borders of Hungary students must arrive at the accommodation indicated in the above certificate and contact their institute of higher education within 24 hours after their entry.

Entry procedure

(applicable to travellers who are treated on an equal basis with Hungarian citizens)

Upon arrival to Hungary, there is mandatory medical examination, followed by a mandatory 14 day quarantine.

  • If upon entry the test result is positive, the (infected) person is put under a state quarantine in a location determined by the authorities;
  • If the test result is negative (not infected) the person can take a home quarantine (in the absence of home a location is defined by the authorities).
  • Persons can be released from mandatory quarantine earlier than 14 days following two negative test results from a HU institution (with 48 hours elapse time in between the tests). It is therefore not possible to take into account any tests produced outside of Hungary.
  • Leaving quarantine for testing should be requested from the local epidemiological authority which may grant permission to do so. The costs of the tests are covered by person under quarantine.
  • The authorities register the persons in quarantine and their place of residence, conducting cross-check examinations about possible violations. People violating the applicable health regulations might be expelled from Hungary.

Please nota that the above information focuses on regulations applicable to students who wish to enter Hungary.

Due to health regulations, the number of applications received in the Consular Section is limited. Please allow sufficient time for the procedure described above and apply for an appointment as early as possible.

While staying in Hungary you need to pay special attention that violating public health rules may have serious limitations on your rights to reside in Hungary, notably your residence permit being revoked andyou being expelled to the country of origin.


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