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If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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Business courses

If you wish to successfully enter one of Europe’s business universities and you do not want to experience difficulties during your higher education studies, it is advisable for you to attend a preparatory program during which you can take courses which will teach you all the material you will need for the university. Avicenna business foundation program offers the chance for everybody to acquire the necessary knowledge and become familiar with most of the subjects related to the business field. During the program you will be educated not only in the core subjects of business (e.g. mathematics), but you will be introduced to topics specifically related to the field as well (e.g. business law and international business). Also, since most international business programs are available only in English at the universities, ...

Business education

In many Western countries young people would like to continue their university studies but at the same time they are looking for programs which are shorter and less expensive, as they want to start working as soon as possible. business education offers a great opportunity for those students who have finished high school and have taken a pre-business foundation program. business is a quite broad concept which includes fields such as business administration, economics, accounting, international business law, marketing, online marketing etc. Thanks to this, studying business will provide the possibility for you to gain the kind of knowledge and expertise which will enable you to work in national and international company settings. Most European business universities, such as institutions in Poland, Denmark, Sweden, UK and Hungary, o ...

Business English courses

Avicenna’s business foundation program provides courses which are designed specifically for those who wish to continue their higher education in Europe in one of the business fields. If you would like to study business in one of Europe’s famous universities, you need thorough preparation before you apply. On one hand, you need to familiarize yourself with the core subjects of business; on the other hand, you have to improve your English skills not only in the general way, but in a field-specific way as ...

Business English school

Avicenna is an international school which prepares you for successful university studies. If business is the field which is close to your heart, apply to our business foundation program and get tuition in both the field-specific subjects and the English language. The program’s English education includes general and business English as well. This way we will make sure that you improve both your everyday and your professional language skills as well. During your studies you will be introduced to the most important business English expressions and terms, thus once you enter a university, you will have no difficulties in understanding the subjects. A ...


BFP courses are offered in English. Along with the subjects related to most business fields, students also reveive an education in the English language. All applicants required to take the Avicenna Placement Test (APT) – this way we can evaluate your level of English and science and we can admit you to the group which is the most suitable for you. Since BFP includes an intensive language training, students are not necessarily expected to have a high command of English. During the semest

Business Foundation Program

  If you wish to continue your studies in one of the business fields, Avicenna’s business foundation program is the perfect choice for you. By completing this business program you can be sure to successfully enter any of the European business universities, and later graduate with good results.   business program - Get more information about our business program  

Business school ranking

... Teachers experienced in prep program Native teachers Group number small Special Avicenna online examinations system Weekly feedback and report Extras Extra curricular activities Intensive program (1 semester) Telephone service   You can find additional information about the following topics: business school business studies business colleges business school application Apply here business foundation program

Business schools

Europe has numerous institutions offering business prep courses. Avicenna is one of the continent’s most prestigious schools, and we pride ourselves in the fact that most of our past students had a smooth university life and later established a successful business career. The business foundation program of Avicenna is outstanding in its excellence. The courses of the program are designed for the students’ personal needs, and during the academic year our teachers tirelessly dedicate themselves to make sure that everybody receives the best tuition possible. Apply to Avicenna’s business foundation program, and make sure that you get into the European business university of your choice.   You can find additional information about the following topics: School o ...

Business students

Students wishing to continue their studies in one of the business fields need to be familiar with not only the core subjects of the field (e.g. mathematics) but with topics related specifically to business as well. The material taught in high school only partly addresses these field-specific materials, so if you want to successfully enter a university’s business program, you must acquire additional knowledge after you have finished high school. Avicenna’s business foundation program will make sure that you become well-reversed in most subjects related to the business fields, thus you will have little problems during the entrance examinations and your university studies. Avicenna will teach you the core subjects of the business field (modules in mathematics) materials related specifically to the field (e.g. international business, business law) business English (in addition to general English)   You can find additional information about ...

Types of examination

Avicenna Placement Test (APT) Students are required to take the Avicenna Placement Test before they start their studies at our college. Dates of the APT are announced by the Department of Education and are available on the website. The test includes a written and an oral part from the following subjects in English: Medical foundation program: Biology, Chemistry, English Technical foundation program: Mathematics, Physics, English business foundation program: Mathematics, English International High School program: English English foundation program: English In the German Medical foundation program students are tested in biology and chemistry in German. Top Fast links: Exams during the academic year Evaluation system University entrance exams General conditions of exam participation, absences Exemptions


Tuition fee Medical foundation program EUR 5500 Medical foundation program - VIP EUR 8000 Technical foundation program EUR 5500 English foundation program EUR 5500 business foundation program EUR 5500 business foundation program - UK Pathway EUR 6500 business foundation program - Denmark Pathway EUR 6500 International High School / Pre-PhD EUR 5500 Football program EUR 10000 Other Fees Application fee (non-refundable): EUR 200 (for EU students EUR 50) Registration fee (non-refundable): EUR 200 (for EU students EUR 50) Insureance for one year: EUR 150 Books, handouts and electrical material: EUR 300 Student ...


... Our Pre-University program is designed to assist the students to win admission to one of the best Iranian or international universities. In this respect we offer: Medical foundation program (MFP) This program prepares the students for successful medical studies (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary).   Technical foundation program (TFP) By completing this course, the students will be able to pursue their studies in one of the engineering fields in top universities of the world.   business foundation program (BFP) These students will continue their studies in one of the fields related to humanities, liberal arts and bsuiness.

Preparation for business studies

... ea and includes many fields that it would be impossible to prepare for all of them. However, if you complete a preparatoy program where you become familiar with all the foundation subjects, when you apply to a university, you will be in a distinguished position compared to those who have not attend any prep courses and therefore are not familiar with the main concepts and requirements of business study. The foundation of every business related field is the same, so if you complete Avicenna’s business foundation program, you will be introduced to all the core materials, and thanks to this, during your university studies your only task will be to focus on the specific business field which interests you, as the knowledge of the most important topics will already be in your possession. The business foundation program ensures that you are prepared not only for the universities’ entrance examination, but you will have such an extensive knowledge of the field, that you will have little problems during the f ...

Business Foundation Program (BFP)

BFP is intended for those who want to continue their studies in one of the business fields. Our foundation program ensures that you have all the necessary knowledge for your university studies, and in addition to the subjects related to business we offer an intensive English language course as well. Learn more »

Avicenna school of business

Avicenna International College is one of Hungary’ most prestigious business schools offering a preparatory program in the field. If you would like to continue your higher education in one of Europe’s business universities, the business foundation program is perfect for you. This program enables you to meet the admission requirements of European universities for any business related field of study and be prepared for the academic criteria of the first years of university studies. To meet this end, you will receive a well-designed education which demands your full-time, concentrated and purposeful work and attention.   You can find additional information about the following topics: business school business studi ...