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If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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Accredication of Avicenna International College

... red under registration number AL-1282. Higher education in the European Union Avicenna International College is registered under registration number PL-3692. Ministry of Education, Iran The Foundation Programs of Avicenna International College have been accredited by the Iranian Ministry of Education. AIC programs are equal to the Pre-University programs offered in Iran. Upon completion of AIC foundation programs, students can apply to any Iranian or international universities. The student certificate of AIC can be considered by the Iranian authorities to allow Iranian students postpone their military service duty. CSN, Sweden The Foundation Programs of AIC are recognized by the CSN in Sweden. The Swedish applicants can apply for a grant to study at AIC.   You can find additional information about the following topics: Avicenna Programs Scholarship

AIC Certificate

You can ask for a school certificate for your embassy, other universities or colleges, for the immigration authorities or any other organization, if you: are an active AIC student, are attending all the classes regularly, have registered and paid all the fees. To have your school certificate ready usually within 48 hours, please fill out and submit the following form. You should personally contact the Administration to collect your certificate.

AIC Students

If you are a student at Avicenna, here you will be able to find all the information you need for your college studies and extracurricular activities. Calendars Find useful information about important dates and deadlines. learn more certificates See sample certificates issued by Avicenna. learn more Education Read through our college regulations and be informed about extracurricular activities. learn more For parents Find information if your child is a student at our college. learn more

Documents required for admission

In order to be able to registrate at Avicenna, you need to submit the following documents to the Admission Department. Completed and signed AIC application form Signed Student Contract Four original copies of notarized English translation of: high school leaving certificate high school transcripts certificate and transcript of any education after high school NOTE: One copy will remain at AIC, other copies will be sent to the universities where you apply later. Two copies of your passport (pages with personal data and visa) Sixteen passport size, recent photos Receipt of payment or transfer of all due fees Curriculum Vitae in English One letter of recommendation Official statement of financial support signed by the parent or sponsor A cop ...


If you complete one of Avicenna’s programs, you will receive a certificate once you finish your studies. Also, if you ever need a school certificate for official reasons, you can request one from the Student Administration Office. AIC certificate Fill in this form and get a school certificatelearn more Transcript and certificate samples Here you can find sample transcripts and certificateslearn more

College regulations

... on Office during the Open Hours personally. No entry for students to the office areas without permission. You can use the student facilities (library, buffet, dining hall, etc.) downstairs between the open hours of the school building. Wireless internet operates in the entire premises. You have to inform the office on your expected absence over 3 days in writing. Otherwise, College is obliged to notify the Immigration Office about your leave. In case of sickness, you must provide a medical certificate issued by a doctor or hospital to the Educational Department. Otherwise, your absence is considered as unjustified. If your absences are over the limit, College is entitled to terminate your student status. If you feel sick, please contact the Student Administration Office. Our staff will help you to have the proper medical care. Smoking, alcohol and other illegal substances are strictly forbidden in the College premises. Mobile phones or other audiovisual devices are not allowed in the class, you must turn them off before the session. Laptop use may be allowed by the decision of the teachers. College does not take any responsibility for valuable personal items left at College premises (e.g. mobile phones, Discmans, jewellery, etc.). If you find such items, please hand them over to the owner or the Student Administration Office. You are required to arrange your personal matters (e.g. bank arrangements, reservations, etc.) before or after your classes. You can find additional information about the following topics: AIC Students Calendars certificates Education Programs ...

General conditions of exam participation, absences

Participation in all the exams is compulsory for. In case of absence, the Department of Education must be notified in writing (e.g. medical certificate proving the reason of the absence). Unauthorized absence results in automatic failure which counts as zero in the calculation of the Grand Average Point (failure in any exam is considered as 1). Students are required to arrive in time for the exams and finish it within the allowed time frame. In case of late arrival the student will not be allowed to enter the examination room and will be automatically failed due to absence, getting a 0. Students will also be informed ...


... ? Where can I buy my books? Where can I get my timetable and information about my science and English groups? Can I change my groups or English levels? Can I change my field of study at AIC? What should I do if I feel I need extra classes in a certain subject? What should I do if I fail in a certain subject? Can I postpone my studies? Do I need to inform the College if I will be out of country for a while? How will my transcript scores be calculated? What should I do if I need a school certificate? University studies Can you guarantee that my son/daughter will get into the university? How do you help your students to get admission to a university? Can I apply to universities outside Hungary? Which university should I apply to? What is an interview in the entrance exam? I have never been in an interview. How can I apply to a university after my foundation year? Top

How do you help your students to get admission to a university?

The Admission department of AIC provides information about different universities in Hungary and other European countries. Students can also suggest any university of their interest. We help the students to prepare the application material. The transcripts and the certificates of AIC are important parts of any application. AIC will also assist the students to prepare for any examination and interview organized by the universities. Top

If the parents would like to visit a student what kind of documents does the student need to provide for their visa?

faThe student needs to provide a school certificate, copy of his/her flat lease agreement, copy of his/her passport and residence permit and a copy of his/her address card. Top

What documents do students need to take to the Immigration Office in order to extend their visa?

The following documents are needed: school certificate address card (available in the Publication Center of AIC) resident permit form (available in the Publication Center of AIC) property sheet copy of flat lease agreement copy of passport and visa insurance 1 photo Top

What documents do students to take to the Immigration Office if they need to extend their residence permit?

All the documents which are required for extending the visa are needed, in addition to the following: bank certificate copy of student card Top

What should I do if I need a school certificate?

In order to get a school certificate or other documents related to your studies, you need to write a request to the Department of Education by filling out the application under Menu: AIC students/AIC certificates. Submit the request and come to collect your certificate in 2 days. Top  

What you need to know about the residence permit

If you are among those international students who need a visa to enter Hungary, once you arrive here, you will need to obtain a residence permit as well at the Immigration Authority Office – Avicenna’s Student Administration Office will help you through the process. What you need to prepare in order to get the residence permit: School certificate. This is a certificate issued by AIC which states that you are a full time registered student. Valid passport 2000 HUF value of stamp. Lease agreement signed between you and the owner of your apartment. Property deed issued by the Hungarian Land Registry as a proof of ownership of the property where you live. Signed decleration about the place of residance. Your bank account statement. Every Wednesday morning at 8.00 am a staff member of Avicenna will take the students to th ...

Transcript and certificate samples

Upon successful completion of a foundation program, you will receive an official transcript and an official certificate of completion. Please click on the following links to view sample transcripts and certificates: Business transcript English transcript Highschool transcript Medical transcript 1 Medical transcript 2 Medical certificate Technical transcript