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If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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Documents required for admission

... notarized English translation of: high school leaving certificate high school transcripts certificate and transcript of any education after high school NOTE: One copy will remain at AIC, other copies will be sent to the universities where you apply later. Two copies of your passport (pages with personal data and visa) Sixteen passport size, recent photos Receipt of payment or transfer of all due fees Curriculum Vitae in English One letter of recommendation Official statement of FINANCIAL support signed by the parent or sponsor A copy of birth certificate or national ID (in original language or English)   You can find additional information about the following topics: Study in Europe Study in Hungary Programs How to apply Application Avicenna

Become our consultant and help students to make their dreams come true!

... ou can find additional informationabout the following topics: Avicenna Programs Institution   Avicenna will provide training programs for you as a consultant during which you will be familiarized with all the educational and cultural opportunities. If you become a consultant, you will be able to help all the students of your country to study abroad. Consultants are not officers or representatives of Avicenna and function independently, though our institution considers FINANCIAL reward for those who join us.


Education is becoming more and more important and nowadays it is very hard to find a job which does not require a university degree. A high school diploma is not enough – if you wish to achieve your dreams and later in the future you would like to have a job which can provide a stable FINANCIAL background for you, it is essential to continue your studies and apply to a university. Europe has all kinds of higher educational institutions where you can study and get a degree in a field that is close to your heart. It is no secret that the universities’ entrance examination is very difficult, but with our help and your diligence, you can pass it easily. We know that having a university degree does not automatically mean that you will have a high-paying job – this is why we ...

Education in pharmacy

... you to become a qualified expert in one of the fields of pharmacy? There is an enormous demand for educated pharmacists in every country, from the USA to Europe, and it is estimated that by the end of 2015, pharmacy will be the No.1 business of the world. Many pharmaceutical companies and research institutions are in existence – they are continuously looking for qualified experts, and provide excellent salaries and work conditions. Thus by becoming a pharmacist you can not only ensure your FINANCIAL stability, but can also join one of the numerous research teams and help in the creation and development of new medicines in order to improve the population’s health standards.   You can find additional information about the following topics: Pharmacy schools Pharmacy studies Medical college Pre-med studies Med school applications How to apply


Since Avicenna’s main goal is to help every young person from all around the world to get the opportunity to study in Europe, we give FINANCIAL aid to those who need it. If you would like to study at our college but you are not in a position to pay such an amount of money, do not worry – when you apply to our college, apply for Avicenna’s scholarship at the Admission Department! Each application is personally dealt with by our president, and the amount of aid we give is individually decided. You are also encouraged to look for other sources of support at your home country.   You can find additional information about th ...


Avicenna International College believes that all students should have equal opportunities to continue their studies in higher education. Therefore, we have established a scholarship to help those who do not have the FINANCIAL background to support study abroad. If you wish to study at Avicenna but you feel that you cannot afford all fees, apply for our scholarship and study at our college for a reduced price. Learn more about Avicenna International College's Scholarship   You can find additional information about the following topics: Avicenna Programs Free study Study in Hungary