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If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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Avicenna International College was founded in 1995 by Dr. Shahrokh MirzaHosseini, and since then we have helped thousands of students to get into one of the famous European universities. Education is important for us and because of this we pride ourselves in the fact that all of those who have attended our college left our institution with great knowledge and excellent opportunities to continue their studies in higher education. Avicenna International College offers preparatory programs for the


At Avicenna we believe that in order to provide a high standard education, it is essential for our employees to feel at ease at our institution. Because of this, we make sure that everybody who works at Avicenna is appreciated and is given all the support our school can give. With this thought in mind we have established an „internal fund” or so-called „Avicenna Bank” which is available for all our employees. This fund provides the opportunity to get a loan from our school without inter

Business schools

Europe has numerous institutions offering business prep courses. Avicenna is one of the continent’s most prestigious schools, and we pride ourselves in the fact that most of our past students had a smooth university life and later established a successful business career. The Business Foundation Program of Avicenna is outstanding in its excellence. The courses of the program are designed for the students’ personal needs, and during the academic year our teachers tirelessly dedicate themselv


... is continuously looking for new employees who share our college’s view and believe that every young person has the right to continue their studies in higher education. We are constantly searching for people who are enthusiastic and experienced enough to work at our institution. For the academic year we are searching for experienced teachers for the following subjects: English Mathematics Biology Chemistry Physics If you would be interested in working for us, please send your CV to

Educational representatives

The Admission Department of an International College is seeking for Educational Representatives who are willing to relocate to Turkey, China, Sweden/Norway or Spain. Colleagues will be responsible for student recruitment in the selected country. Requirements: Fluent English University /College degree Experience in the field of education is an advantage Knowledge of the local language is optional and also an advantage Main characteristics: Excellent communication skills (presentat

Contact us

Staying connected to our students and their parents, our employees, our partners and those who are considering applying to Avicenna is important for our school. We believe that good communication is based on mutual trust and respect, and is only possible if we provide all the necessary information to the people who are interested in our institution. Get in touch with us directly, and we will answer every question you have Send us your CV, and come to work at our school Sign up for our newsl


Education is becoming more and more important and nowadays it is very hard to find a Job which does not require a university degree. A high school diploma is not enough – if you wish to achieve your dreams and later in the future you would like to have a Job which can provide a stable financial background for you, it is essential to continue your studies and apply to a university. Europe has all kinds of higher educational institutions where you can study and get a degree in a field that is close to your heart. It is no secret that the universities’ entrance examination is ...


  We look forward to review applications of qualified, experienced, dedicated and inspirational teachers who are interested in a dynamic and challenging career. We expect colleagues who will help us take AIS to the next level of its development. We expect those teachers who bring intellectual assets to our school, teachers who ensure that all our students achieve at the highest level of their potential. All our teachers participate in continuing education programs and workshops where we revie

Higher education abroad

... ty. The universities’ education is based on the Bologna Process, which means that the studies are divided into three parts, and students get a degree after the completion of each: Bachelor – usually lasts for three years (6 semesters) Master – usually lasts for two years (4 semesters) Doctorate – usually lasts for three years (6 semesters) Students can decide whether they want to complete all three programs, since even a Bachelor degree is recognized by employers, and not every Job requires a Master or Doctorate diploma. With the introduction of the Bologna Process in Europe, students’ opportunities have increased. On one hand, you can study basically wherever they want – for example, after you get a Bachelor degree in Hungary, you can go to England to complete your Master. Europe welcomes everybody who wishes to study at one of its universities, and Avicenna is here to help you get started!   You can find additional information about the following topics: Programs Study abroad How to study abroad Study in Hungary Hungarian universities Universities abroad Scholarship ...

Medical courses

What do you study at medical schools? If you would like to study medicine, you need to be aware of the fact that becoming a doctor takes time and energy, and you cannot just breeze through the university courses. Most universities’ education system is based on the same curriculum, which is the following: During the first two years of your medical studies you will receive education in basic sciences, which include for example anatomy, histology, biology, chemistry, bio-chemistry, immunolog

Medical studies in Hungary

Medical education in Hungary has a long tradition. There are four medical universities in Hungary, namely: Debrecen Medical University, Semmelweis University Budapest, Pecs Medical University and Szeged Medical University. These universities offer medicine, dentistry and pharmacy programs in Hungarian, English and German. Medical education take 6 years. Education is credit-based and exams are mainly written or oral. The degrees offered by these universities are recognized in most countries of t

Pharmacy studies and degree

... , biology and physics. After these two years you will have to pass a final examination in order to continue your studies. After the successful completion of the basic sciences part, you will study subjects which are specifically related to the field of pharmacy. After getting a degree in pharmacy, you will have several options to consider: You can work as a pharmacist either at your own store, or as an employee somewhere else You can work in the pharmaceutical industry – you can get a Job as a manufacturer or you can join a research team You can continue your studies and get a PhD degree in pharmacy Being a pharmacist holds a great responsibility, but it is also a very rewarding field. iPharmacy degree requirementsPharmacy degree requirements You can find additional information about the following topics: Education in pharmacy Pharmacy schools Medical college Med school applications How to apply

Avicenna’s education policy

Avicenna believes that every young person who wishes to further educate themselves and continue their studies in one of Europe’s higher educational institutions should have equal opportunities regardless of their background. Because of this our main goal is to make sure that everybody who applies to our college is treated in the same way and is given the same support. Avicenna is a student-centered school – all of our collegues work tirelessly in order to meet all the students’ needs. The

Pre-veterinary studies

Veterinary is one of the most difficult yet most beautiful fields of medicine. But if you wish to become a vet, you must prepare for a long a hard journey, as getting a degree in the field will not be a piece of cake. The requirements of veterinary universities are quite difficult to meet, but you can make this Job easier if you enter the faculty well-prepared. If you would like to study veterinary, Avicenna’s Medical Foundation Program provides the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the most fundamental subjects which are necessary for a successful entrance to the university. During the courses you will be introduced to the most essential topics of biology and chemistry, and you will benefit from the knowledge you acquire at our college during your higher education. We give: extensive uni ...

Educational sites

For Indian and Nepalese student Biology dictionary English educational materials General Chemistry online Physics online Math online Online guide to human anatomy Histology online Seminar Topics,Study abroad,Study Online,Alternative education - - One-Stop-Site for all your educational and career needs . Find the best Educational options , Whether its Studying abroad or Studying online .