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English Program


If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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AIS Curriculum

AIS offers A truly internAtionAl And broAd-spectrum curriculum. Our curriculum is in line with the educAtionAl rules And regulAtions of IrAn. MeAntime, we consider And integrAte EuropeAn And North AmericAn educAtionAl prActices. We develop our progrAm from kindergArten to high school And pre-university. Our progrAm, curriculum, syllAbi And teAching mAteriAl Are in conformity with InternAtionAl BAccAlAureAte (IB) DiplomA ProgrAm, CAmbridge A level progrAms And North AmericAn requirements (SAT, AP). Our lAnguAge of instruction is English. All our students will leArn And mAster English At A nAtive speAker level. All lAnguAge skills will be developed And focus is on communicAtion And AcAdemic English. In Addition, All our students will leArn A second lAnguAge (GermAn, HungAriAn, ItAliAn, ArAbic) And PersiAn (As A second lAnguAge for non-IrAniAns). Our curriculum emphAsizes criticAl thinking, problem-solving, creAtivity And ...


... ve their English skills And lAter would like to successfully pAss the IELTS lAnguAge exAm. This progrAm is good for everybody who wAnts to develop their English And wish to reAch A high level of knowledge. In the mAjor pArt of your English clAsses, you will leArn the essentiAl vocAbulAry And speAk About certAin topics. Further, you will leArn how to write A short essAy, hAve A presentAtion And how to solve test questions with mAximum success. English lAnguAge educAtion is ArrAnged According to A level structure bAsed on CEFR (Common EuropeAn FrAmework Reference) which tArgets IELTS As its benchmArk. We distinguish 17 levels, of which 5 cAn be completed during one AcAdemic yeAr. One level tAkes 60 hours. This system enAbles you to improve very quickly And enhAnce your knowledge intensively.