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If you want to develop your English knowledge to a high level, choose Avicenna’s English Foundation Program! Our English program will help you to improve your language skills, and after successful completion, you will easily pass the IELTS examination.



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Can I apply to universities outside Hungary?

Yes, you can apply to any university in Europe or outside Europe. The Admission Department of AIC will help you with application process. Top

Can I change my field of study at AIC?

You can write a request and ask for the change of your field of study. Top

Can I pay my tuition fee after my arrival in Budapest?

Those students who apply from countries where they need to get a visa before arrival in Hungary should pay the tuition fee and other related fees in advance. This is a requirement to provide you with the necessary documents for visa processing. Top

Can I postpone my studies?

Any student can ask for postponing his/her studies. You should write a request to the Department of Education and mention your reasons for the leave. The Department will inform you of the AIC decision. Top

Can we pay the fees in several installments?

Those students, who apply from countries where a Schengen visa is required, should pay the full tuition fee and other fees in advance before the necessary documents for visa processing are issued. However, even after the issuance of visa, if you decide not to come to AIC you can get the tuition fee refunded (less 250 Euro) if you are still in your country of origin and you have had your visa cancelled. The Student Contract specifies the details of refund policy. Any request for the paymen

Can you guarantee that my son/daughter will get into the university?

AIC provides quality Foundation Programs which prepare the students for university studies. We cannot influence the admission authorities of any university. Universities decide independently on admission of any student. However, so far the high quality of our programs has helped several hundred students to enter to the most prestigious universities in Europe and North America. It is important to note that the active participation of the students in classes, completion of all the requireme

Can you guarantee that students will get a visa?

The visa application is processed by the Immigration Authorities. AIC has no influence on the decision of the authorities. If your visa is rejected you will be given the reason(s). They may provide you with a chance to appeal. In such cases AIC will help you to reapply for visa with completed documents and after rectification of the problem. If your visa is denied your tuition fee will be refunded (less 250 Euro for application and examination). AIC cannot undertake any responsibility for

Do I need to inform the College if I will be out of country for a while?

Yes, it is necessary to inform college if you are going to be absent for a long time, otherwise, this may lead to the cancellation of your residence permit. Top


Frequently Asked Questions About Avicenna Why is it good to study at Avicenna? Is AIC related to any Hungarian or other European university Visa Can you guarantee that students will get a visa? What documents do students need to take to the Immigration Office in order to extend their visa? What documents do students to take to the Immigration Office if they need to extend their residence permit? If the parents would like to visit a student what kind of documents does the stude

How can I apply to a university after my foundation year?

With questions related to universities such as application and entrance exams, you need to contact the Admission Department ( AIC will arrange all necessary steps for a successful university application. Top  

How can I apply to AIC?

You can fill out the application form online and submit it to the Admission department. You will receive the Final Admission Letter which helps you with the next steps you need to take to finalize your admission. Alternatively, you can refer to one of the local Consultants of AIC and ask for assistance. They will provide you with necessary information. You are always advised to write to for up-to-date information. Top

How do you help your students to get admission to a university?

The Admission department of AIC provides information about different universities in Hungary and other European countries. Students can also suggest any university of their interest. We help the students to prepare the application material. The transcripts and the certificates of AIC are important parts of any application. AIC will also assist the students to prepare for any examination and interview organized by the universities. Top

How will my transcript scores be calculated?

All the exams and tests that you take during the academic year will count towards your final grades. Top

If the parents would like to visit a student what kind of documents does the student need to provide for their visa?

faThe student needs to provide a school certificate, copy of his/her flat lease agreement, copy of his/her passport and residence permit and a copy of his/her address card. Top
AIC is an independent educational institution. The programs of AIC prepare the students for any European university and upon completion of the course it is the student who decides to which university he/she applies to. The Admission department of AIC will provide necessary information and help with process of application and admission. Top

Is Hungary safe for my children?

Hungary is one of the safest countries in Europe. International students feel very much welcome in Hungary and no serious problems are reported. Top

On what basis do I join a science group?

There are 3 science groups: A, B and C. Group A is the strongest and C is weakest. Based on the results of your APT (Avicenna Placement Test), your class performance and other exams during the first semester you are introduced to a science group. It is always possible to go to an upper group if you prove that you are improving. Top

Should we apply to AIC directly or via a Consultant?

You can apply to AIC directly by writing to However, you can always ask for the assistance of an AIC Consultant. They can facilitate the process of admission and save you time. Please remember that in some countries, Consultants may charge you a fee according to local rules and regulations. Such fees are not related to AIC and you should pay such fees according to a separate agreement signed by and with the Consultant. AIC cannot undertake any responsibility for the

To which countries can I travel with my Schengen visa?

All non-EU students arriving to Hungary have to register at the Immigration Office, the Schengen visa will be given automatically along with your resident permit. You can visit all Schengen countries as a tourist, but you are not allowed to stay more than 1 month in any country. (Schengen countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slo

What documents do students need to take to the Immigration Office in order to extend their visa?

The following documents are needed: school certificate address card (available in the Publication Center of AIC) resident permit form (available in the Publication Center of AIC) property sheet copy of flat lease agreement copy of passport and visa insurance 1 photo Top

What documents do students to take to the Immigration Office if they need to extend their residence permit?

All the documents which are required for extending the visa are needed, in addition to the following: bank certificate copy of student card Top

What is an interview in the entrance exam? I have never been in an interview.

Some universities require you to have an interview with the examination committee. They will examine your knowledge of English and sciences related to your field of study. They also focus on points with respect to your personality, motivation and your future goals. Throughout the academic year at AIC we provide training for these occasions. Top

What is the structure of education at AIC?

All new students participate in an exam which is called APT. This exam is in English and is composed of written and oral parts. Based on the results of the test, students will join group A, B or C. Group A admits students with the strongest knowledge. Group B is intermediate and group C is for students with the weakest skills. In English, students will join Level 1 to Level 17 which is pre-advanced. After completion of Level 17, students can continue in TOEFL or IELTS preparation courses. A

What is Weekly Progress Test?

This is a written test which measures your knowledge of the material which is taught during a week. WPT is usually administered on Monday morning. The results are published the same day or the next day and they help the students and teachers to learn about the weak points of each student. Top

What should I do if I fail in a certain subject?

In science, except for Weekly Progress Tests, you can always ask for permission to re-take any exam. Re-takes are offered and permitted on certain dates during the academic year. In English the level tests can be re-taken but only at the end of the academic year. Top

What should I do if I feel I need extra classes in a certain subject?

First talk to your teacher and ask for help. You can also write to the Department of Education. If needed, they will introduce you a teacher who can provide your private tutorials. Top

What should I do if I need a school certificate?

In order to get a school certificate or other documents related to your studies, you need to write a request to the Department of Education by filling out the application under Menu: AIC students/AIC certificates. Submit the request and come to collect your certificate in 2 days. Top  

Where can I buy my books?

At the bookstore of AIC or any other bookshop. Top

Where can I get my timetable and information about my science and English groups? Can I change my groups or English levels?

You can always check the up-dated timetables on this website. You can also check them on the College Board or refer to the Administration and ask for a copy. Normally you cannot change a group but if you have questions about your group you need to contact the Department of Education via e-mail (, Top

Where can I study Hungarian language?

AIC organizes internal Hungarian classes for students in case of a sufficient number of applicants. Otherwise, there are several language schools in Budapest where Hungarian language classes are provided. Top  

Where will I stay after my arrival in Budapest?

You will be transferred to the Avicenna Residential Complex (ARC) where you will stay in the apartments. This complex is very close to AIC and to other universities. You are free to move to another location of your choice or you can decide to stay at ARC for the duration of your study at AIC. Students are always advised to book their apartment. Locations may be limited. Top

Which university should I apply to?

It is your decision that to which university or universities you want to apply to. The Admission Department will provide you with information about the universities. We do not rank the universities and do not favor any university over the others. When you have all the needed information, then you can decide which university can provide better environment for your academic development. However, we always recommend that you apply to more than 1 university in order to increase your chance of

Why is it good to study at Avicenna?

Hungarian and other European universities have their own standards of admission. It is also important to know that differences in education requirements and styles are often causing difficulties for international students as they are not familiar with these conditions. At Avicenna we provide quality English language and science education which are necessary for the entrance to university and successful university studies specially during the first two years. Our past students are among th

Will anybody pick me up at the airport when I arrive in Budapest?

Always a representative of AIC will welcome you at the airport. The Admission department should be notified about all arrivals at least 7 days in advance. Top

Will you refund the tuition fee if a student decides not to continue his/her studies at AIC?

All refunds are made according to the Student Contract signed by the student and AIC. You can download the student contract from the website. Top