Requirements for Application

Students can apply to European and North American  University

Upon completion of a high school program or a foundation program, graduates of AIC can apply to any university around the world. AIC graduates are often admitted to prestigious European and North American universities in various fields of study at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. 

External students (those who are not AIC students) can also apply to a partner university with the help of Admission Department of AIC. External students can fill out the “Avicenna University Application Request Form” or can write a letter to and express their needs and request for help.

AIC students usually participate in an education program related to their future study plans. For example, those who plan to continue their studies in a field related to medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing or physiotherapy apply for AMFP or Avicenna Medical Foundation Program, a signature, well-known program of AIC.

Steps of University Application

Admission Department assists AIC and External students to prepare their applications for various universities in Europe, Australia, USA and Canada in fields of their interest.

The following steps will be taken in the process of university application and admission:

  1. Fill out and submit “Avicenna University Application Request Form”. There are two separate forms, AIC students form and External students form. In this form you will select all the universities and fields of studies that you wish to apply for.
  2. You will receive a confirmation about your university application. This confirmation shows all your selections.
  3. You will be contacted by the Admission Department and will be invited to consultation sessions at AIC. Those External students who are not in Hungary or for other reasons cannot participate in these sessions will receive the information by email or via online education.
  4. You will be invited to registration sessions at AIC. The process of application and registration will be finalized. For those External students who are outside Budapest, necessary coordination will be made online. The documents, however, should be mailed to Admission Department address.
  5. The required fees such as application and examination fees will be paid directly by the students to the accounts of the universities. If any help is required in this respect you can write a letter to
  6. Students will be prepared for the relevant university admission tests and examinations. Some of these examinations will be organized at AIC, others will be organized at the premises of the concerned university. Information about the exams, exam preparation, dates and locations will be sent to registered students and they will also be available on the University Application and Examination Calendar on this website. It is the responsibility of students to prepare all the required documents and submit them on time, prepare for the exams and be present in time for each exam. If a visa is needed to attend the exam in a specific country, it is the responsibility of the student to apply for visa and arrange the travel well ahead of time.

AIC Admission Department

Admission Department at AIC ( is responsible for pre-college and post-college admission processes. When you decide to study at Avicenna International College, you will submit your application online to the Admission Department. You will receive your Avicenna email and all other necessary assistance to move smoothly through the admission process.

While you are completing your studies at AIC, you will also get important information and assistance in the process of applying to the university of your choice. Majority of our successful graduates are admitted to distinguished universities in Europe and North America.

External students (those who are not currently AIC students) can also enjoy the services of AIC Admission Department and get admitted to one of the prestigious European universities. To get assistance you will need to register and start your application process.

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